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    must sadly give up my drums

    i was forced to move and cannot take my drums with me :( it pisses me off because it took over a year to assemble the whole kit from just a shell pack to now having to pack it up. no worries though i am a guitarist of 15 years and had someome offer me a ESP MH-300, Epiphone lespaul standard...
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    Travis Barker and DJ AM hurt in plane crash

    hope these two come out of this ok, plane caught fire and they ran off the runway....very scary to think.
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    my cat ditched me and left me her babies

    so my cat had babies about a week ago and she seemed like things were going to be ok as she was feeding them and caring for them, last few days she hasnt been hanging around in her basket with them except to feed them and then goes elsewhere in the house until they start crying. well yesterday...
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    the person i work with

    this guy that works with me(Cory) is a complete pathological lier, somedays he gets so bad if he said it was raining out you would go check just because you know how he gets, and it doesnt stop at just the constant story telling he also does "little" things that pisses you off. i work in a...
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    i have yet to break a stick

    ive been playing maybe 8-9 months or so and i still have my 1st set of sticks(Vader) and a 6 pack of Vic firth with 4 pairs still new, i dont think im playing softly considering you can hear the drums walking past my house, they dont get chewed up on the cymbals mainly just the hi-hats which ive...
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    Paiste PST 5

    After owning these cymbals for a little over 6 months i thought id give a small review how i feel about these budget cymbals, now i have used all 3 major budget cymbals (ZBT,ZXT,B8,PST5) before making a decision what i liked best. what i wanted in a cymbal was something a little on the bright...
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    i bought myself a PSP

    a friend of mine hard up for cash after taking a trip and spent every dime asked me if i was interested in his PSP which is about 4 months old, i jokingly said ill give you 50 bucks and thats it and he said "great ill be right there". i havent played video games in a long time and never played a...
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    sometimes girlfriends just plain ROCK!

    its almost amusing how much my girlfriend like drums, she doesnt like to play them, just like to listen and watch, since christmas she has bought me tons of drum stuff for no reason at all, its not like i couldnt have afforded it myself i was just pretty happy with what i had at the time but i...
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    i have a confession to make

    i may get looked down upon, im not condoning its use, and i dont want to be banned over the topic but......... i really like to smoke herb and play drums, i dont think it makes me any better but it does make me much more relaxed and that alone makes playing easier, my back is stiff as a board...
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    spring system on my cymbal stand

    i got a nice pearl stand used, on top of the stand is some sort of spring system the cymbal sits on and when you hit the cymbal it rocks back and forth making it move very freely, at first this thing did piss me off cause it moved too much sometimes but a piece of duct tape around the spring...
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    what is this worth?

    i have a 16 ZXT and 16 A custom (cracks removed) that i havent used in quite some time, i want to either trade it for something drum related or cash, the ZXT is in really good shape, its about 5yrs old with no damage to it, it wasnt used all that much.
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    im bad at fills

    so ive been playing about 6 months now, i can play the bass and snare pretty well, i can kick some funky beats and mix up some off set snares and bass beats while throwing in some cymbals and hi-hat stuff but for the life of me i just suck at fills. i just dont know where to place them, and...
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    ghost drummer

    this is really wierd, i thought maybe i was just plain crazy or hearing things but i sometimes hear my drums being played through the heating vents, the drums are in the basement and are easily heard through the heating vents, i have my laptop setup in my kitchen and ive been alone some days and...
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    dont shop at daddy's junkie

    i was looking for a new ride cymbal, checked out guitar center and they had no used cymbals in at the moment so i headed to daddy's, i was taken my surprise when i went to the cymbal rack.........had to be 15 cymbals just lying there all over the floor, one was cracked and another had a foot...
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    my make shift kit

    its a pearl forum/export set, the kick and the floor tom are forum series and the toms are export series, not a great looking kit but i love it and it sounds good, need a few more cymbals and im set for now.
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    does your neighbor hate you.

    i never gave it much thought, the drums are clearly heard on the outside from the basement and i play sometimes at 8am or midnight depending on the mood. no one has ever complained, they shouldnt as they blast spanish and rap music some weekends until 1am, i evern learned that classic spanish...
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    thinking of selling/trading all my guitar gear

    its really to bad, 15yrs of guitar and i dont enjoy it like i use too, i play it maybe 10 times a year for the last 3-4 yrs and then it collects lots of dust in between, i lost touch with it really so im thinking just to rid of it for more drum stuff. im not sure whats it worth but this is what...
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    i think i have to many drums to learn on.

    its been 10yrs since i last played the drums, i had about a good years worth practice on it before i gave it up after a band break up due from no place to use it. so i scored some free pearl export toms and snare on craigs list for free, bought a pearl forum bass drum and floor tom for 50.00...