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    steve holmes lesson videos

    HEY! boys and girls.. assum lesson vids for you to enjoy that i found ... ed&search= ... ed&search= ... ed&search= SHIZAM 8)
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    help. need good drum books

    any one have any suggestions on good drum books.. i am very unfortunate to have a short on mony and cannot get lessons till a couple of months.. just wondering for a guy whos played drums for about like 4 -3 months and knows baisics.... id like to excell in latin and jazz. but yah :). itd help...
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    if you could..

    ask your favorite drummer one question.... just one.. what would it be? (name) (question) :P
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    George Kollias sig snare! ?

    has any of you guys heard it? comments? questions? ideas? terrible? good? throw it in the trash? sound like another snare thats cheaper? yah? no?
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    asking for music.

    Hello i am new to this forum and have recently been reading alot of topics. they have helped me abunch and still contenue to help. any ways im hear because i have tooken a certain taste and interest in a jazz blues funk groove kind of thing. and i need help in finding influencial bands to help...