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    Can you keep it simple?

    I have been on the forums for a little while, not too long though and I have noticed that most of the drummers on here are either metal or jazz drummers. This got me to wondering...ok, so you can do the metal and jazz complicated stuff, but that doesnt always flow with some stuff. The real...
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    Cocktail set drum pedal

    I was watching Jeff Tweedy's Sunken Treasure DVD...AMAZING!!! But anyways the drummer (Glen) that sat in sometimes and used a cocktail pedal on his floor tom instead of a bass drum and I was wondering if you could turn a regular pedal into a cocktail pedal or if you had to buy a special one (if...
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    Conversations whilst drumming

    I don't know about any of you, but for some reason, during a show, practice, whatever, I always seem to start talking to people while playing. The last time I did it was at a local festival where one of the guys who taught me some basics on drums asked me a question about what I was doing and of...
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    Thats right, I don't know how many of you out there watch The Colbert Report, but Steven Colbert is running for president. Everyone must vote for him! Colbert '08!!!
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    Is 18" too small of a bass drum?

    I am pretty sure that I am going to buy the Gretsch Catalina Jazz club set and I was wondering if the bass drum might be too small to hear without micing it. Of course it will be miced during shows, but I was worried more about practice. Anyone on here use a 18" bass drum?
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    Gretsch Catalina Jazz Set

    Ok well I have pretty much decide on the Gretsch Catalina Jazz Club set and I was wondering if anyone on here used it and could tell me some ups and downs. Or even if you have just played on one any info would be cool. Thanks.
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    Remo Fiberskin 3 and Renaissance Heads...

    I was looking around at heads today and I started to wonder how would the Remo Fiberskin 3 and the Remo Renaissance heads sound. I was considering buying the Ambassador weight Renassiance heads for batters and Diplomat weight Renassiance heads as Resonants. If any of you have tried either of...
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    Who is the most famous under-rated drummer you know?

    Recently I have been thinking of quite a few drummers in popular bands with record deal that are incredibly under-rated. I have configured a small list and would like for you all to add to it. Panda Bear (Animal Collective) Stewart Copeland (The Police) The dude from The National, don't know...
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    Are the new Zildjian Armand series good?

    I am buying new cymbals and was thinking of the new Armand series by Zildjian which are basses on the cymbals I can't find or afford from the 60s. Even though I am a huge Zildjian K and A (not so much a custom and k customs, dont know why) I have really been considering these and if anyone has...
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    Thinking of buying a new everything...

    I have been debating lately whether to sell most of my guitars and buy a new drumset, cymbals, accessories, and possibly some hardware because I'm getting pretty serious into drumming. and I know what cymbals, accessories and hardware I want, but I'm still not so sure about what kind of kit I...
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    Do drummers have a say?

    I have been in many different types/genres of bands and played different instruments in them and sang in some. But recently I am beginning to experience the world of no singing or writing lyrics and just drumming. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm gonna have a say in what goes on. Will my...
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    CC Drums?

    I was watching a recent spoon video tonight one from SNL and I noticed the drummer was playing a drum set that just said CC on the bass drum. I've never heard of this brand and was intreged. I haven't found it online anywhere yet and was wondering if anyone else knew of it and could possibly...
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    Any suggestions on tuning coated heads?

    I use Remo coated ambassadors on the batter and resonant sides and I can't seem to get ride of the over ring. I bought these heads hoping for a good 'thud' sound from my toms and because I noticed that a lot of the bands I listen to and like the sound of their toms use them too. I have tried...