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  1. metalhead94

    My rock/alternative band.

    We only have 3 three songs, 2 of which are acoustic (I've been pretty bored haha), but we are working on 2 more, including an un-acoustic version of "Beetle". Hope you like it!
  2. metalhead94

    How do I mix a session down to a .wav file?

    I recorded a song with 4 tracks with REAPER and my crappy laptop mic. I want to put it on myspace, but I can't figure out how to mix it down to an audio file. When I go under File then Consolidate/Export Tracks, a box pops up and I just leave all the default settings and hit Process, and from...
  3. metalhead94

    I'm trying to get into older death and black metal.

    Because I'm sick of the old school vs. new school metal dispute. So far I have some Immortal and Gorgoroth and I'm liking it a lot. I've also been told to check out Morbid Angel, Death, Obituary, and other Florida based death metal, Mayhem, and Old Man's Child. Does anybody have any other...
  4. metalhead94

    I might try out for my high school marching band next year.

    And I know they need another person to play quints. So what should I ask my drum teacher to help me with to prepare for the tryouts next September (haha, like 10 months from now)? Thanks guys. By the way if I don't end up playing quints, I'll probably play cymbals. :?
  5. metalhead94

    I saw Gwar lastnight...

    and it was only AMAZING!!! I'm about 5'4", and was right in front and right in the middle. So I got crushed, lol. My 2 friends are even shorter, and they got the security guard to pull them out, then i took there spots and it wasn't nearly as bad, but I went ahead and got out too, cuz I didn't...
  6. metalhead94


    It's my birthday. I'm 14. I got new bass heads (Remo Powersonics) and I love them. I also got a camera so expect some drum vids soon. That's the main point of this thread. :D The vids that is.
  7. metalhead94

    Finally, my diabolical plot is coming together....

    So I jammed with a bassist this past Sunday. It was awesome. Now I just need to find a guitarist, and maybe a new vocalist. But I start 9th grade this Fall, so hopefully I can find someone since there will be tons more people, in comparison to middle school. We already have a name though...
  8. metalhead94

    You definitely care about the info in this thread.

    I might get a digital camera for my birthday (August 25th) so expect some drum vids. :D :D :D :D
  9. metalhead94

    Mayhem Fest in 3 days!!!

    I'm really excited. Just as many others, I went through a "Slipknot is brutal!!! Joey Jordison is the fastest drummer ever!!!" stage. lol Even though I'm way, way, way, over it, I am soooo psyched to see them, because for 1. They are still awesome and 2. They were my first favorite "metal"...
  10. metalhead94

    Tony Royster Jr.

    He's awesome, and young. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  11. metalhead94

    Full Peal "Free-Floater" Kit

    GOTCHA!!!!!!!! Doesn't exist!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a thought though. I think they'll have to do eventually.
  12. metalhead94

    Messed up 10" tom.

    IT NEVER RINGS!!!!!!!!!! It usually doesn't. But today I got new heads, put them on, and it was ringing. I was happy. Then I went to dinner with my dad, I come back, and it's dead again!!!! Why is this happening?
  13. metalhead94

    One of my dream set-ups!

    This is pretty pointless, but I'm bored and it,s like 2:00 in the morning, haha. btw, I couldn't find the "Dream Kit" thread. This would be my brutal death/grind set-up. It's smaller, but I saw the drummer from Disfiguring The Godess playing something similar on YouTube. I thought it looked...
  14. metalhead94


    O.K. So I have a drum set, and some mics. What I do now is get some cables, and plug each cable into a monitor right???? How am I supposed to do that when there are only 2 input plugs on a monitor like this?!?!?!? HELP ME OUT MAN!!!!!!
  15. metalhead94

    The Story Of Stuff... Interesting and informative. Scary if you let it scare you........ Effective if you let it affect you. It's your choice. Word.
  16. metalhead94

    Good microphones for death metal vocalists?!?!?

    Does anyone know of any good ones?
  17. metalhead94

    I just got Audacity!!!

    It's pretty kick-ass. When I do a video with my laptop's built-in camera and mic, it always sucks. Sound and video quality suck, and it's never lined up. But now my drums sound a lot better through Audacity. Anyone else use it?
  18. metalhead94

    I need help about computers!

    O.K. I have a video of a cover I did. I have have the song on my computer. I have Windows Movie Maker. I can get it all there but I can't get the video and the song lined up together right. Can anyone help me?
  19. metalhead94

    Please help me, cuz I'm brain dead about this stuff!!!

    OK. This is what I want to do. The built-in camera and mic on my laptop suck. I can't line up the audio with the video. So I think I need 1.Some mics like these ... sku=270749 2.A recorder thing like one of these...
  20. metalhead94


    Just picked it up from Best Buy yesterday. KILLER!!!! John Longstreth is awesome.