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    School Help.... Need as many as possible

    Hey everyone. I need everyone's help in a survey I have to complete for school. If you can please fill it out as soon as possible that would be great. If you know another drummer that is not on DML, please ask if you can give them the link and have them fill it out as well. This survey is for...
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    14" Saluda Earthworks Hi Hats + spare

    I am selling a set of 3 Hi Hats from Saluda. The original set of hats are from the Earthwork series and are medium weight. The top hat is marked at 1012 grams while the bottom is a sound edge type of hat with a weight of 1276 grams. The bottom sound edge hat has a small crack on the rim that...
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    22 Extra Power Meinl Ride "Price Reduced"

    Got this ride a while back and used it for some metal stuff. Worked great with harder rock and metal, but just wasn't my thing. Very nice condition, no dents, keyholes or cracks. It is a Classic series Meinl, so it is B8 material, but it sounds more like the MB10 line if you ask me. Bright...
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    Saluda Earthworks and Voodoo Sale

    Here is what I have for sale. 19” Earthwork Dark Rock Crash $110.00 shipped. SOLD Cymbal weight is 2001 grams. Darker smooth lathing that is fine. This cymbal is hand hammered and the hammer markings are large but not. This cymbal was more versatile. It’s a heavy cymbal and the finish is...
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    Looking for Cymbal Smith

    I need to find a good cymbal smith, any suggestions?
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    New Toys

    Just got a Meinl Byzances 18" medium crash, 16" medium crash, and a 14" china from the guy who only posted once on the board. All I can say is HOLY SHIT... These things are amazing. They sound good in the store, but absolutely great on the set. Far and away the best cymbals I have today.
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    Well this sucks

    Well, I just got an e-mail from my singer/guitarist saying that he is leaving the band. I guess the rigors of work and school got to him, but I think it is something a little different. We played our first show in early June and right after that he went MIA. It was later that I found out that it...
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    White Collar Sideshow

    You guys got to see this. It's really out there, especially when you hear about the cause these guys are fighting for. ... d=85225431
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    Cleaning an Earthworks cymbal

    Jamie, Will the finish be effected by standard cleaners?
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    Chris Adlers New video game

    This was great. Gotta love Adler. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
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    New set up with more cymbals.

    I was just playing around and added a few cymbals to my set up. Drums are still the same: Pacific LX kit laser blue 18x22 Kick 10x12 rack 12x14 floor 16x16 floor 5.5x14 birch FS snare with MM bearing edges. Cymbals though are a little different Left to Right: 14" Saluda Earthworks Heavy...
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    Po Boy Cymbals

    I just picked up some Po Boy cymbals. This is a smaller company, kinda like Saluda. I got them yesterday, and must say they are very nice. I would say they are close to a Zildjian K Custom, but I need to give them some time to settle in. Here are some pictures, hope you like them. 10" Splash...
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    Stupidest injury ever!!!!!!!!

    Got home tonight, and wanted to start practicing for the show in Rochester (Red House). Things were going great, I was really getting into the grove, and then BAM, hit a rim shot and my stick comes flying out of my hand and acorn first into my right eye. Now anyone who knows me knows I hit...
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    Bittner at DRT

    Man, Fuckin Bittner's going to be at DRT. You guys have to check this out. ... e&Itemid=1
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    Talking to Strangers

    Here's the new band guys. The tracks on here are rough demos, but you get the idea on what we are doing. Let me know what you think. Also, this is just my guitarist/singer DJ and I.
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    Sabian Family Problems

    Found this article today and it looks like Sabian is in for a rough ride.
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    Up Dated Pictures of the kit.

    New pedals, another splash, added floor tom, and a little different layout.
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    Sam Loeffler (Chevelle)

    I think he is a solid drummer who really doesn't overplay. He stuff is simplistic but fits the music well. <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed...
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    A pedal that's too smooth

    Just got a DW7000 double pedal that was used and I can't believe how smooth they are. In reality, they are almost too smooth. They are so fast that it's like rewiring my brain. They are an older pair with the single chain, and are in great shape with great tension on the springs but it's crazy...
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    Wow, I couldn't believe the $$$

    Just check this out. I know things like this are valuable, but wow.