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    Pearl World Series?

    Couldn't find much info on the Pearl World Series line. It's not around anymore. What little info I did find, on some website or forum, was it was birch with some mahogany in it, lacquer or wrap finishes and it's comparable to the Pearl Session series of today. I guess it's supposed to be pretty...
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    Will lighting my cymbals on fire damage them?

    I've got a gig coming up next week and we've got a fire entertainer performing onstage with us. I wanted to light my cymbals on fire, with some lamp oil or Zippo lighter fluid during our intro music but I'm not sure if it would damage them in anyway. I'm using Zildjian Z Customs. I've seen it...
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    One of the worst gigs......with some perks.

    Let me elaborate on one of the worst shows I've ever played. Check it out. This was back in September, me and the guys were slated to play with Death Pilot and a couple openers. We're thinking that it's gonna be a good show. Rock the house, make some friends, have a few drinks, the usual. Oh...
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    Brick of Regal Tip sticks?

    Anybody have an idea of where I can get a brick of Regal Tip 3B nylon tip sticks, and how much they usually run? And how many sticks are in a brick?
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    Can anybody understand how he's applying rudiments to this?

    Watch this Jimmy Degrasso video. Forgive me but I don't quite understand how he's applying rudiments, or how to identify where it is that he is playing rudiments. It just sounds like chops to me. He plays something and says "That's a so and so rudiment" but I don't understand it. I want to know...
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    Batter head for a reso head?

    Was thinking about spraypainting a thin coat of gloss black over my old Super Kick II head, cutting a mic hole in it and using it for a front head on my bass drum, since my current one is banged up and trashed. Any thoughts on this?
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    My kit! Pearl EX series

    This is my main workhorse. Pearl EX series kit. I've switched to Aquarian Response II's on the toms since these pictures were taken, (April 2008) and now using a Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide double pedal, and added an extra floor tom and rototoms to my setup. Zildjian crashes (L to R: Avedis...
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    My band BALLZ DELUXE

    Here's a nifty little video of us covering "The Bleeding" by Five Finger Death Punch at our cd release party. The guy doing the screaming parts (shave head and sleeveless shirt and shorts) is a good friend of ours and we pulled him up on stage as a special guest to do this song with us. <object...
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    Check out my drum solo

    I wouldn't call it my greatest solo, I feel I've done better solos, but this was fun. This was at my band's cd release party in June. Me and one of my guitar players coordinated a little jam in the middle of it, on excerpts of some songs, which you'll see. (ala Mike Portnoy, I did it as an...
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    I just bought a used Pearl EX kit, the red with the black lugs and rims. It's a wrap finish. The wrap on the bass drum is split, all the way around. It's hardly noticable on the top, but it's worse on the underside. Does anybody know if I can get another wrap from Pearl, and how to go about it...
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    Removal of click pad from bass drum head

    I need some advice on how to remove one of these from my bass drum head: Note, this thing is a piece of metal, it is not pliable or bendable, and the adhesive is super heavy duty. You can't peel it off like a regular slam pad. I need some advice on how to remove it, without risking damaging...
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    Any thoughts on it? Good? Bad? I got a new chinese for Christmas, a 16", LP Rancan (Same thing as the Wuhan's that Neil Peart played). My old man suggested one of those Aquarian cymbal springs, and he said the guy that he bought it from told him that's what he used and what was recommended...
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    Anybody out there have a 4 3/4" Holz ring for a bass drum port hole? Or something that fits the precut hole in a black Aquarian reso head? 4 3/4" is the size of the hole. Looking for a chrome one. PM me or email me at
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    I have a pair of 14" Zildjian Scimitar hats that I'm trying to get rid of, with a generic hi hat stand with no clutch. $75 is what I'm asking. If you prefer, I'll save you the trouble and go buy a clutch and tack on the extra. I promise, I wont go out and buy the most expensive one out there...
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    I play for SUICIDE NATION, a metal band out of Detroit Here's a video we made ... d=17928762 and a link to our profile, where the video also is.