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    What's your all time favorite drum?

    Ok so whats your all-time favorite drum like a snare or that tom on your childhood kit that just always sounded great. Mine is the 10inch tom on my pacific because it just always has a great tone and sound great with minimal tuning even with the stock heads the were on it when i got it and...
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    Good drumset for jazz

    Hey guys so today my band director at the high school told me i could pick our next drumset for the jazz band and money is really no object. Problem is im not really a jazz player, so i hear yamaha is good but what else and please dont say DW because thats my first choice but i want to know what...
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    Good crashing rides

    I have always been a fan of rides that have a good clean crashing sound, but i have tried out many rides that i have seen drummers like travis barker using to get that sound but they simply have to much overtones. I have been wanting to try out the meinl 22in heavy ride ever since i saw aaron...