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    can someone help me and tell me if this is a fill?

    i have heard it many times like on country shuffle by rod morgenstein when he played with the dixie dregs but i want to know is it just RLRL RBLB. kinda like that but the two bass drum notes are kinda connected with the toms? is that the right way to play it?
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    futz pedals

    there may have been a topic already about this but does anyone use futz practice pedals? i just got some for my birthday day and i think they work because my double bass chops are getting better and me left leg feels a bit more comfortable.
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    double bass problems

    i have had my iron cobra double bass pedal for almost 2 years and i got to say it is kinda of a pain in the ass for me. like one day i can go fast and do 16th notes like nuthin but then the next day i cant do anything. is it my pedal or is it me? and does anyone else have this problem?
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    do people make fun of the music you play?

    at my school i have these two assholes who are both like 6 foot something and im only like 5 fot 4. i listen to alot of rock, jazz, and metal. but they only listen to hardcore music(all that remains, i killed a prom queen) mostly the screaming music. they make fun of me mostly every time i bring...
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    whos the best drummer now since buddy rich died?

    me and my friend were discussing this the other day. we all know that buddy rich was the god of drums. but who takes the throne now? i was saying i like neil peart, mike portnoy, stewart copeland, and tony royster jr. but he said what about the metal drummers now a days? you have people like...