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    Hey folks, Ive posted this item before. I thought I would give it one more shot just to avoid auction fees on Ebay so if your interested please let me know via email at If i dont hear anything by 12:00 pm tommorow I plan on putting it on Ebay. Thanks! 1) Alesis DM5 drum...
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    Wanted!! Digital Drums and Miscellaneous Cymbals

    Im looking for a decent digital kit for practice in my home. Nothing to fancy but something fun to play. Also I'm looking for various cymbals to compliment my kit, I dont really have any brand in mind. I have 14" b8 pro hi hats 16" ZBT crash 18" A Crash 22" b8 pro Ride Anything anyone has...
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    alesis dm5 drum module

    alesis dm5 for sale make offer. thanks
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    6 peice pearl export selects for sale

    its a 6 peice set, orange amber finish. I have gigged with these for a few years so they do have scratches but the shells are in good playing condition. 12",13",14",16",20" kick drum. they are for sale, however i will accept trade for cymbals or flight cases or anything else you think might...