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    Coated heads in the studio

    Is it true that coated heads are better for in the studio? Obviously its gonna be about opinions, but does anyone have anything to say on this?
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    Drum Gloves- slippery!

    Does anyone else find it a lot harder to hold onto sticks when wearing drum gloves, especially when spinning sticks and so on? And also they make my hands sweat like bitches and then the dye turns my hands green! But then if I don't wear them and we have gigs a few nights in a row I end up with...
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    Mapex Black Panther or Tama Metalworks?

    I'm trying to decide whether to buy a steel Black Panther snare drum or a Tama Metalworks one. I can get the Metalworks one for about £30 cheaper. I play in a rock/metal band and in either case I'll get 14" by 5.5". Has anyone got any opinions or advice?
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    Paiste Wild cymbals

    Paiste have realised the 2002 'Wild' range, designed for modern metal music. I bought the 'Wild Hats' last week and I'm simply blown away by the sound. I'd recommend them to anyone. I'm going to buy the splash tomorrow :) Has anyone bought anything from this range? Don't you agree with me?
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    Please check this out........ Its worth a minute or two..............
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    but he became

    but he became
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    My hi-hat stand sucks

    I need a new one. The clutch is weak, the stand turns and I have a tambourine mounted on it which I guess doesn't help. :( So I need a good one, but not too expensive. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Paiste, 2002 14" Wild Hats

    Any opinions on these cymbals? I really like the tone and I'm considering buying them.
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    I have a Sonor Force 2003 kit, which they now no longer make, so when I ordered my 18" floor tom I had to pay for it to be specially made. Anyone with similar problems? Annoying isn't it?
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    I promise you, this band are worth checking out. Straight up rock with a twist. cheers.
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    Is a chime worth buying? Or is it better to just have a ride cymbal with a great sounding bell? Any opinions?
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    Roland electric drums

    I love them. any opinions?
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    double bass pedal

    I find this really hard to get to any speed. anyone offer any tips?
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    A good snare drum.

    I need one but I have no idea what to buy! Help please!
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    You can't have a good drumkit without a cowbell. Agreed? And closed.
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    Zildjian or Paiste?

    Zildjian or Paiste? What do you think?
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    sonor or premier?

    Sonor or Premier? Anyone want to comment?
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    snare size

    Whats your preferred snare size?
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    MARRIZON :The next big thing!

    MARRIZON We're straight forward rock and as good as they come. Influenced by Guns 'n' Roses, AC/DC, Motorhead, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi and more. Marrizon are the band the world has been waiting for. We believe that its time to bring back GOOD music, the way it used to be. Take a moment to...