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    Back in the summer of 2005, while I was in Afghanistan, I bought a Drumframe off ebay for my the kit I was buying/building at the same time. I was deployed from Germany and the seller wouldn't ship it over seas for me and so I had a local friend in SC pick it up for me. I haven't seen the thing...
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    "BUY ADMIN A BEER" link....

    Where does the money go??? Directly to the website??? Or will it go to benifiting the "DML Festival"?? Either way...the money's on it's way!! How much did you donate???
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    My drum trax..... (no guitar/bass/vox)

    Ok, now look...these trax were "one takers" due to my lack of patience with the idiot doing the recording. The end result (the WHOLE drum track) sounded awesome.... but all I have right now is each individual mic.... So, on this page below, you will be hearing nothing but one of the 4 overhead...
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    This pumps me
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    All new members should read this...

    When you read any given topic, or any given posted reply to a topic...prepare yourself to feel uncomfortable with what is being said....for it is simply the opinion of another drummer who has taken the time out their busy day to post reply and attempt to advise another drummer who has done the...
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    If you could take lessons from a drummer...

    We've had topics in here lately about jamming or gigging with a particular drummer or band... BUT, if you could take lessons from a particular drummer who would it be... I would definitely take lessons from Josh Freeze and/or Elvin Jones
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    my kit

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    Here's a good one for you.....

    I've been attempting to launch this idea of mine here in Germany... I want to assist the young minds in enhancing their musical skills etc,etc,... and I was giving a sort of clinic / demo with a bassist to a group of teenagers between to military installations and came across a question at the...
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    Jazz Kits

    I know there are ALOT of "metal" drummers in the forum, first off, but I've had a great deal of interest in learning to play jazz and have been greatly influenced to do so after watching steve smith and jeff hamilton's performances. So here's the deal... tell me which company makes the ultimate...
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    Would you use them?? Do you use them?? Who uses them best??
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    Really, what would you do????

    I'm stuck in a rut called the Army. Been stationed in Germany for the past 3.5 years, been deployed, in the field, in Kosovo now. My place is on the stage, damnit!!!!! I've only had the priviledge of playing in one band (unfortunately a coverband) for about 5 months and nothing since... German's...
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    Here's one for ya'

    You're going camping; do you take your bongos? :lol: