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  1. alexforwood

    Help re: black panther snare drum

    I have a premium series Black Panther snare 13x3.5 size. 8months fantastic use and I love it to little bits but I have a problem. Inside the throw off a small screw attaches the actual throw off mechanism to the little lever that you pull to turn snares on/off. This has come out and is proving...
  2. alexforwood

    EXTREME FRUSTRUATION aaarrrgghh!!!

    :evil: :twisted: *swings axe into a meagre and defenceless looking lump of wood* :twisted: :evil: :evil: Yeh I am frustrated. :evil: Been playing a double bass drum pedal (DW 4000) for about 2 and a quarter years and I feel like I am hitting a glass ceiling. Heels down I can consistantly...
  3. alexforwood

    Stupidest thing you have done while playing/practicing?

    I don't just mean like "I once played left hand over right on my ride" *goofy laugh* I mean stuff like "I once slept in my 38" bass drum" or "I once played in a javelin competition with my cymbal stand sharpened to a point" I shall begin... I have only ever broken a cymbal once, and that was...
  4. alexforwood

    Double Bass Drums

    I have just had an interesting discussion with a guitarist (tell me about it, irritating aren't they?) and he was telling me how he thinks double bass drums are just for drummers who overplay their parts. I feel I could be biased as I am a self confessed :evil: metal addict :evil: , but I...
  5. alexforwood

    Pearl Drum Kit Expansion Packs

    Hi people. Basically just asking if anyone has seen one of these Pearl Drum Kit Expander Packs ANYWHERE, online, in the UK, in the USA wherever. i saw them featured in a product catalogue a while back and have trawled around a whole bunch of places to no avail. Any ideas?