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    Trading 12" Zildjian A splash

    I'm trading a 12" Zildjian A splash perfect condition for: Sabian o-zone splashes Zildjian Oriental trash splash I'll accept most any splash that is really trashy/washy Any other offers that you have will be considered. The 8" and 10" splashes have been sold already
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    Dream Vintage Bliss 18" Crash/Ride Review

    I received this cymbal in the mail today and wow, just wow. This cymbal only costs $140 brand new. I purchased it new on Ebay and they have plenty more. I was looking for something to blend better than an A custom would with my Paiste traditional crash and this cymbal does that perfectly. I...
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    Brand new 17" A custom crash

    Never been hit. No Cracks, Dents or keyholing. This cymbal is flawless. I'll sell it to you guys for $20 cheaper than ebay is selling all theirs for. $175 obo + shipping. Also accepting trades + cash: Hats: Will accept just top or bottom hat Zildjian light hats Paiste Traditional hats...
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    Paiste Traditional finally came in

    I waited about a month for it and it's finally here. This is my new favorite cymbal. It's perfect for light riding and has a beautiful smooth, washy, blended crash sound. It cost an arm and a leg but it's definitely worth it.
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    Way to mellow out hats

    I have some new beats and they're very loud, ringy and cutting. I'd like to figure out a way to mellow them out. I want to make them blend more and quiet down a bunch. Any suggestions?
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    Trading New Beats for your hats

    I gotta perfect set of Zildjian 14" New beat hi-hats that I wanna trade for a more mellow set of hats. Put up your offers. *Edit* Wasn't thinking too much... I'm looking for: 15"-16" Zildjian light hats Paiste Traditional hats Paiste Signature hats Zildjian K Hats Zildjian K Dark Hats...
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    Brand new pro shot video of EMIT This is all one take of audio no dubs or edits.
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    "" Funny website my friend made

    This is a website my friend made as a response to environmental search engines that claim they save energy by having a black background to reduce the energy used by your computer monitor. Watcha think?
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    Zildjian Crash of DOOOOOOM

    I'm going to be purchasing this cymbal soon and I've only heard the sound files from the Zildjian website. I like what I hear but I wanna hear some opinions on it. Also, Does anyone know if it comes in a 22"?
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    Selling Avedis 8" 10" 12" splashes

    8" $45 + Shipping 10" $55 + Shipping 12" $65 + Shipping NO FLAWS WHATSOEVER! No Keyholing, No Cracking and No Dents! 10" Splash has a great build-up of patina. It sounds fantastic, better than a new one would sound. Check out my Want To Buy Thread to see if we can do a trade + money and...
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    WTB Zildjian & Wuhan cymbals

    I'm looking for: Zildjian 17"-22" Dark thin crashes Zildjian 15"-16" Light Hats Wuhan 22" China w/ or w/o rivets Possibly interested in: Zildjian 22" Oriental crash of doom Zildjian K & Oriental trash splashes Please PM me if your selling any of these WITH PRICE Thanks
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    Buying K's

    I'm interested in anything Zildjian K Post up with price.
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    GIF test

    GIF I made for my band. Tell me what you think, and I would like to know if it was "laggy" or had low fps the first time it played through.
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    Saw V

    Who is seeing it this Friday? Who has seen all 4? I love them all and will see this Friday.
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    Can anyone guestimate what this possibly could be?

    It's cracked everywhere. It's pretty dang old and theres no logo. It does however have a zildjian insignia lasered into it. It's 20" and in between 1800-2000 grams No serial numbers though
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    Edge3591's Kit. NeW StUfFs

    Cockpit view New Ride New Snare It's a Ludwig Supraphonic 14 x 6.5 You can only get the Teal & Gold badge if you buy the entire Bonham kit. Luckily, I just bought this from the guy who did. My secondary snare Chad Smith 14 x 5 signature *My simple set-up for a show*...
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    Emad muffling ring keeps on falling off

    I have an emad resonant 22" bass drum head with muffling ring. Everytime I'm done practicing the muffling ring is inside my bass drum. I can't get it to stay on the head like it's supposed to. The ring is also damaged when I find it inside the drum. Some, rips and tears. Anyone else had...
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    Rock song made with Reason

    I made this song with Reason. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""> </param> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>
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    Drum lug question

    The lugs in my snare & toms unloosen themselves a little faster than they should with normal play. I know it seems everyone thinks GC employees don't know anything but, he said to use some steel wool and use a twisting motion around the threads of the screw to remove lubricants and oils. I've...
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    This band hurt.... Bad

    He used a Zildjian mega bell ride to CRASH on and some random hi-hats. It was so painful