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    Kit's with Gold fittings and chrome stands!!!!

    It just my point of view, but although I like kit's with gold fittings, I've always found it looks rather odd when paired with normal chrome stands(other than Yammy Maple Customs for some reason). Do you agree or disagree? On a similar tilt, a friend of mine has a Satin Red DW kit with Black...
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    The new DW Jazz series?

    What do you guy's think of the new Jazz series then? I had a play on a kit recently and was suitably impressed.
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    To be or Ayotte to be???

    I was blown away by the Ayotte kit's displayed at Drummerlive this year. Any thoughts, anybody got feedback about them? How durable are they? What are they like to record on? Why don't more people use them?
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    When hitting the Games Consuls

    Ok then fellow Drumaholics. Who prefers COD4 or Rainbowsix Vegas when not hitting things??
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    Constantinople and Artisan rides anybody?

    Hey I'm really interested in your comments on the differences between Constantinople and Artisan rides. I'm looking into building a set-up for mainly a rustic Jazz sound. How do these cymbals stand up away from the shop floor? Do they age well? Which type blends better with that acoustic sound...
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    Bagged a set of Rogers BIG R's

    Just bought a Black set of Big R's on Ebay for a song. They comprise of 24",13"14"18". Seller believes they are circa 1979. Looking forward to bringing these pups home. I have my eye on a set of XP's to put with them in 20"12"16". Will these Drums blend well sonically or are the shell designs...
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    Rebirth of my Pearl Masterworks Snare

    I bought a Pearl Masterworks kit back in 2000. It had July 1999 stamped inside. It was a solid kit but I never got on with the Snare. Anyway I sold the kit a 18 months ago but held on to this snare as a momento. Yesterday I fished it out of my snare store with a mind to finally selling it to...
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    Drums and Christian Music!!

    I found this site by accident. I would be interested to see what you fellow Tub thumpers think of this. Maybe you are christian and are fighting your evil urges?
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    DW 6000 Hardware!!! Loving it!

    Just got a set of 6000 stands. BRILLIANT! So light to move around. I am loving them. I have had so many complements from other Muso's on how cool they look. Because of the flatbase design I can really get the Ride stand close in to my Kik Drum. My get in get-out at gigs is so much easier a...
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    Drummer Jokes

    I've lost count how many times I've wanted to lamp a Sound Engineer or a Guitarist (why is it always Guitarists?) with their endless of Drummer jokes. Anybody know any good ones. Or even any about other members of the Music community? Here's one for starters. Q. How do you get a Guitarist to...
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    your thoughts on Slingerland radioking snares?

    I've recently spotted a Radioking snare, and I'm seriously considering purchasing it, although I havn't played it as yet. Are these drums all they're cracked to be? Or should I move on. Has anyone owned and used one live and in the studio? What are the things to look out for when buying one...
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    Drumming Gloves. Why????

    Why do some players wear Drumming gloves. Is it nessesary or just flat out ridiculous? I'm thinking it's the latter. I would love to see how all of you view this out there. Cheers