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  1. writheindecay

    sabian 21" aax stage ride

    selling a 3 week old sabian 21" aax stage ride. Great ride, check out the reviews on musicians friend. Sells normally for 250. im selling it for 150 plus shipping.I prefer paypal. Would be interested in trading for a 9" zil bel or 9" sabian brass ice bell, or maybe another ride. something a...
  2. writheindecay

    I guess its time to show off the new kit

    ive been out of drumming for about 2 years now, i went back to playing guitar, and after a year long run with my bands current drummer, he left due to distance issues. So i took the opportunity to get back into playing drums, and we found a guitarist to replace me. heres a list of everything i...
  3. writheindecay

    alesis d4

    $200 shipped im in fort worth, so if anyone local wants it, you can pick it up.
  4. writheindecay

    zildjian a customs for sale

    16" zildjian a custom crash - 125 (compare to 200 new) 16" zildjian a custom fast crash -125 (compare to 200 new) 14 zildjian a custom mastersound hi hats - 220 (compare to 350 new) all cymbals in great condition, no cracks, no keyholing, no warps. buy them all and i will cut you a better...
  5. writheindecay

    My solo project

    the drums are programmed for now
  6. writheindecay

    zildjian a custom crash

    14" fast crash. hardly been used, sits in my cymbal bag most of the time, which is included as well 130 plus shipping to wherever
  7. writheindecay

    My new kit

    gretsch catalina birch with dw rack. im getting some better pedals and more cymbals pretty soon. feels good to be playing again.
  8. writheindecay

    Lots of Drum stuff revised!

    Custom all 100% maple 6 ply shells from Keller(the same company who supplies raw shells for ocdp, spaun and countless other independant drum companies). black satin stain 1 18"x20"(depthxdiameter) virgin bass drum 10" rack tom with rims mount 12" rack tom with rims mount 16" floor tom with...
  9. writheindecay

    my drumset for sale theres a link to it all 2500 obo. would prefer a local buyer, im in texas. but shipping could be arranged.
  10. writheindecay

    Selling my trick pedal

    ive got the trick double bass pedal with all the accessories. its missing one of the screw in beater heads, i never used them so it got misplaced some how. if you have 2 bass drums, the double pedal conversion comes off, just like the axis pedals, and youre left with 2 singles. the most amazing...
  11. writheindecay

    looking for 9 inch zilbel, lp bell, etc

    id like the 9.5" zilbell, or the comparable lpbell. let me know what you have/how much.
  12. writheindecay

    Pics of my drums, new pics at the bottom!

    all 6 ply maple keller shells, rims tom mounts (2) 18x20 bass drums 10,12" rack toms 16" floor tom with the rims style leg brackets. 7x13 pork pie snare sabian 13" aax studio hats, 16" aax stage crash, 17" aax stage crash. 8" sabian aa splash paiste ride 19" crash/ride(i use this an an auxillary...
  13. writheindecay

    post your recent drum related buys!

    Cymbals for me! 22" paiste signature power ride 17,19" paiste rude crashes 16,17" sabian aax stage crashes
  14. writheindecay

    hello beautiful!!!!!!!!(new trick pedals)

    heres the spring
  15. writheindecay

    My new drumset(pics!)

    as some of you saw in the classifieds i sold my entire pdp kit. and just got my replacement. ive got a friend who builds custom drums and he told me hed sell me his personal kit. he is getting out of playing metal and is working on a new kit with just one bass drum. and sold it to me for a...
  16. writheindecay

    entire drumset for sale(lots of pics)

    located in dfw area texas. $1500 as a whole. not willing to part it out. year old pacific by dw maple cx with the dw style tom mounts <br> <br> 8,10,12,14" toms <br> 22x18 bass drum <br> tama 13x5 snare <br> sabian aax stage crash 14" <br> sabian aax dark 16" crash(cracked but sounds fine)...
  17. writheindecay

    alesis dm5

    250 obo used for about 2 months. i might even still have the manual laying around.
  18. writheindecay

    check out my drumming

    not so great quality, most of the fills didnt come through, didnt have many mics. anyways. check out the songs, let me know what you think. you may have to download them because myspace is being lame and not playing them for some reason. been playing 1 year and one month...
  19. writheindecay

    GRRR. triggering with an emad? and i hate ddrum

    so i got an emad for my bass drum thinking it would be the perfect head for triggering. put it on, stick my trigger on the bass drum and the plastic ring on the emad head is too close to the edge so the trigger sensor doesnt sit flat on the drumhead. so i cut a bit of ring off where the trigger...
  20. writheindecay

    entire drum set for sale

    im selling my drums to help pay for a cash car so i can sell off the current car i have, pay off the loan and focus on college 100% pdp by dw maple cx in white onyx 8,10,12,14" toms with the dw style tom mounts 18x22 kick drum(set was 700 new, plus 130 for the 8" tom_ pearl 3x13...