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  1. Nessmaster

    Zildjian Armand Series

    Has anyone tried the Zildijan Armand series yet? I was thinking of getting a 20" or 21" Armand ride for my setup sometime in the near future. It's supposed to resemble the 60s rock sound, which is what I try to aim for with my sound as well.
  2. Nessmaster

    Double Bass Middle Key

    I need a middle key for my double bass pedals because I lost the one that came with it. Does anyone know of an online retailer that sells them?
  3. Nessmaster

    S Series Drums

    Do you guys know of some info on the Yamaha S Series Drums? I couldn't find too much info over google :? . I'm looking for things like sound quailty and such.
  4. Nessmaster

    Classic Rock/Blues Cymbals

    As I'm getting more and more acquainted with drumming and the hardware I want to start looking out for better sound quality from cymbals. Currently I have a Paiste 101 basic pack and a 201 splash. I'm really into Classic Rock and Blues type of music and that's what I mainly play with my band...
  5. Nessmaster


    It's come time for me to get a drum set at my home so I can practice more often when I don't have the time or option to go over to my friends house and play. The local music shop here on the island is willing to sell me an Enforcer drum set for $200. Now this set I will have at home doesn't need...
  6. Nessmaster

    Micing the bass drum

    I want to mic my bass drum head. I've seen people with a hole in the front head of their bass drum, and I was wondering how to cut it out and what size it should be? Will it effect the sound in anyway?
  7. Nessmaster

    60-70s Rock Drum Heads

    Hey guys. I just registered today. I've been drumming for about a year now on a set my friend has. Although it's his drum set it's kinda like my drum set. The drum heads he has on them are pretty old (like 3 years old). I want to get a new set of heads that give off a 60-70s rock type sound...