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  1. body6u4rd

    selling cymbals and iron cobra double pedal

    Alright, here's the deal... I have this stuff that I no longer use and its been sitting in my room taking up space. I need to sell it so I can buy a couple other cymbals I have been eyeing up for a while. Because I want the stuff gone, I'll post this here and if there's no interest in the next...
  2. body6u4rd

    Pearl Session Studio VS. Tama Superstar Hyperdrive

    which is better? i currently have a Pearl session studio but am looking at the hyperdrives. how do the two compare?
  3. body6u4rd

    Feeler: 2006 Pearl Session Studio Shell Kit

    Hey guys, I've been thinking lately about selling my pearl kit because I'm really wanting to get a kit with two floor toms and shallow racktoms. Right now im looking to see if theres any interest in my kit, which will quickly transition to selling it. A little info... 2006 Pearl Session...
  4. body6u4rd

    Looking for a 17" HHX studio crash and dw9000 single pe

    Im looking to buy or trade for a 17" Sabian HHX Studio Crash and a DW9000 single pedal or a set of Pearl 2002 eliminators chain or belt. I have for trade a 17" A Custom Crash, 20" Paiste Signature Dry Ride, and Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedal.
  5. body6u4rd

    Selling Iron Cobra Double Pedal, A Custom, Paiste Sig Ride

    Im looking to get rid of some stuff that I do not use anymore. Looking to see if there is any interest in this stuff here. I am open to trades, tell me what you have. (Sorry about the pics, the A custom looks old and tarnished, but trust me it is not. its nice and shiny. bought it new last fall)...
  6. body6u4rd

    Paiste Dimensions 14" Hi Hats

    Selling a pair of Paiste Dimensions 14" Light Hi Hats. $150 OBO. any interest?