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    any drummers from australia here or even newcastle????

    just wanting to know if we have any aussie drummers in these forums.
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    drumless tracks

    does anyone know where i can get some music with drums on it so i can play along and make stuff up?
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    tattoos for drummers

    has anyone got any cool drum related tattoo? im gonna get one soon but dunno what to get, any ideas?
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    are you good?

    so you consider youself as a good drummer or average? leave a link 2 a vid of u drumming. or tell me where u think your at.
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    how long to practise for each day?

    how long do you practise for each day/ night. i try for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day. weekly i drum wth the ex screaming jets drummer, he is probly the best in newcastle without a doubt, and thats what he does and it pays off. what do you think.?
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    how good do you have to be to begin teaching?

    how good should you be before you think about stating to teach people drums?
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    how to get paid by drum companies to play?

    just wanting to know what is the best way to get paid by drum companies? how do i go about it?, you knwo when drum companies come to your local music store and showcase there products and have a drummer play for them.
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    does anyone have a really expensive kit and thinks it sucks?

    i have a mapex sonar saturn. it cost $5000 with sabian cymbols. and i dunno if its just me but i hate it, i have played kits that are like $2000 and they sound good. but all my mates think it sounds awsome. any opinions. pic of my kit on ...
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    what is the best drum tab site???

    i can never find one good site with drum tabs on it, any help on where i can find good site???