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  1. Guy&i

    Playin Loops that dont make sense. Share your experience

    i ran into a video of Marco Minnemann that every drummer should watch: it shows him playing with samples that dont sit on normal beats. it reminded me of good times when i used to live in the woods. i used to listen to bird whistles and play them on the...
  2. Guy&i

    Check out my Ludwigs!

    8" 10" 12" 16" 22" maples 14" brass and 12" maple snares DW5 and some cymbals whatcha think?
  3. Guy&i

    ive Posted a drum solo video

    ive Posted a drum solo on And i would like to hear what u guys think... ive never recorded a video of me playing. i was crashing in a friends studio that night and the dear dude left me with the keys to the place. theres a drum set there but its dissasemebled most of the time cuz it...