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  1. pphunk

    Porks in the Studio

    Here are the Pork Pies in the studio from this weekend. Everyone loved the way they sounded.
  2. pphunk

    A short youtube vid of my band

    Playing at the 7th Street Space in Dekalb, IL. Friends of ours practice here and occasionaly hold shows. This was the second to last day of our tour and it was a great show. Unfortunately i don't have the file on my comp so you'll just have to click the link and check it out...
  3. pphunk

    Funny Recording Story

    So i just finished up recording drum tracks for my bands third studio album and i thought i would share a funny moment with all of you. In one of our songs i do a sweet Latin groove with my toms and a tambourine. I usually have my tambourine wedged into my floor tom stand (don't ask me how...
  4. pphunk

    Pork Pies

    Drums - Pork Pie: 6x14 Snare 9x13 Rack Tom 16x16 Floor Tom 16x18 Floor Tom 20x24 Bass Drum Cymbals - Zildjian: 14" A Quickbeats 18" A Custom Medium Crash 18" A Medium Crash 18" A Rock Crash 20" Oriental China Trash 22" K Custom Ride 22" A Medium Ride The plan is to eventually get a 14x16...
  5. pphunk

    Tama Warlords

    I'm thinking of adding the bubinga warlord to my collection, just wondering if anyone has any opinions good/bad about these babies. They look so beautiful. ... index.html
  6. pphunk

    Open handed drumming

    Anyone out there do this? I've been working on it for the past month or so and I'm starting to notice a lot of neat little things I'm able to do now. I think the hardest part was learning to start and end fills with my left hand. If you play open handed, what are some exercises you used...
  7. pphunk

    Pork Pies

    Pork Pie Drums: 6x14 Snare 9x13 Rack 16x16 Floor 16x18 Floor 20x24 Bass Zildjian Cymbals: 14 Quick Beat Hi-Hats 18 A Medium Crash 18 A Rock Crash 22 K Custom Ride Sticks: Pro Mark 5A Woodtip Pro Mark Hot Rods Vic Firth Jazz Brushes Ludwig M-10 Musser Mallets Heads: Evans Coated G2's on...