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    Calling all who use EMADs

    For those of you who use the EMAD head for your bass drum, what resonant head do you use for it, and what kind of sound is achieved?
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    recommend some Steve Gadd

    Hi all! A very good drummer told me I should listen to some Steve Gadd - can anyone suggest any particular album to buy? PS - I'm beginner :)
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    Sound-proofing advice

    Hi Guys, A room has recently been built at the back of our place. Most of my drumming willll be done out in this room. The problem is that sound-proofing was not factored in during the building process. Does anyone have some (relatively) cheap, easy (if possible) and viable solutions to...
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    This or That Thread

    We need a game thread here! I'll start. The next person answers mine and adds one of their own and so on. Blonde or Brunette?
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    Nylon or wood tip?

    Just curious. Personally I do some switching between both. The nylon tip gives me the ride sound I like. They're great for rock / electric music. Wood tips are great for blues type stuff and softer ping on the ride. They provide a great feel for acoustic music.
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    Drummer Shoes

    Hey boys and girls! Do you use any special kind of footwear to play drums? Or maybe you play in socks? Bare feet? Let's discuss:)
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    Largest crowd you have ever played for??

    Either with your band, an old band, solo, with high school band, anything. What's the biggest number of people you have played your drums in front of live?? And what was the situation?? For me it was just over 500 people. It was for a sort of musical showcase with an old band I was in. There...
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    Crashable Ride

    What ride cymbals sound best when crashed? Do you know any non-thin ride that crashes well and has a solid ping?
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    Versatile Snare for under $300

    Please give all opinions on versatile snare drums under $300
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    Double pedal or double bass?

    What do you think is better - double bass drum pedal or two bass drums?
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    Which rack should I go for? Gib vs ICON

    Should I choose Pearl Icon or the Gibraltar rack? What's your opinion?
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    The bare essentials of a drum kit.

    What drums, cymbals, percussions etc. do you think is enough to just get by? no luxury...only essential gear.
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    Snare heads - anything better than ambassador combo?

    Do you know any better snare head combination than remo ambassador(batter) over remo ambassador snare?
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    2,3 vs diecast

    What are your thoughts about 2.3 and diecast hoops. Which of those two do you prefer and why?