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  1. brandon8robinson

    Me and friend - Toxicity cover

    Me and my friend were bored, and we wanted to film the one song he could fully play lol, Toxicity. He's not really good at guitar he and I mess up a few times in the video, but I decided to post it on youtube If you can! comment the video, I need more...
  2. brandon8robinson

    My friend playing video (double bass)

    This is my friends video, he's getting good at double bass so he made a video and I want to get some views on it. Rate it!
  3. brandon8robinson

    Snare ring

    My snare is letting off a ring that's noticeable. I tighten the bottom and nothing happens What's the problem?
  4. brandon8robinson

    Favorite Song Game!

    Here's how it works, post your favorite song and rate the one above you. Fool in the Rain - Led Zeppelin
  5. brandon8robinson

    Assaf Seewi Best drummer. All these death metal drummers can bow down.
  6. brandon8robinson

    Drumdial tuner

    What does everybody think of one? I just bought one.
  7. brandon8robinson

    Drum wrapping paper? finish?

    Hey I used to know a guy who had a CB drumset, and he put this green finish on by himself, and I have a gretsch mapel (see in avatar) and I was wondering if I ever break a tom or something I could get another tom and put a similar finish on it. Where do you even buy this? The paper that wraps...
  8. brandon8robinson

    Sabian Ice Bell!

    Hey everybody, I was at the local music store today and I came across the Sabian Ice Bel, it was 90 dollars but it was completely awesome. It's almost like the bell of a ride, but just the bell, and it sounds insane, Anybody else played/own the Ice bell?
  9. brandon8robinson

    Zildjian Scimitar?

    Hey everybody, I recently made a post on here about getting 2 hi-hats, and so I did. I bought a cheap stand on ebay, and all I needed was cymbals. I bought 14" Zildjian Scimitar hats, they looked in decent shape, and were very cheap. 42 dollars also. I looked up Zildjian Scimitar series, i...
  10. brandon8robinson

    Who's your Drum Idol?

    I think that everybody has a drum idol/idols. Mine are John Bonham and John Dolmayan. If it wasn't for Bonham I wouldn't play drums, He's the number 2 best drummer of all time behind Neil Peart. Who's your drum idol
  11. brandon8robinson

    2 hi hats? eh?

    I'm thinking of getting 2 hi hats, most of my friends get like 2 rides, and 2 china cymbals and stuff like that, I'm really not rushed to get them yet. I've always wanted 2 hi hats, one to use main control over my left foot on and one close to my right hand (The second Hi hat set would be...
  12. brandon8robinson

    My Gretsch Catalina Maple!

    I love this set, I love the sound/finish/color, it added up 1400 dollars. The only thing I don't like is I don't have a throne, I use napkins, and my 10" tom sounds like trash. Rate it !
  13. brandon8robinson

    Aquarian Studio-X with Power Dot

    I just went out and purchased a 10 inch Aquarian Studio-X with power dot tom head, and I'm not happy with it but I know it's a good head. We all know, or atleast I that small drums are hard to tune when you have thicker heads, but it sounds pretty dead. I think I tuned it wrong, I also have...
  14. brandon8robinson

    Hi hat lift question/poll

    I hate a Zildjian ZBT high hat, It's kind of noob but I'm super happy with it. Here's what I'm trying to say, what sounds better the sound of the hi hit when you lift your foot (so it's completely off the pedal) it's like 2 millimeters up to make a more hissing sound, or a good 1+2 inches high...
  15. brandon8robinson

    Ddrum is so cheap

    I mean the Ddrum Diablo is ridiculous the toms sound like fucking garbage they don't even have an echoe whatsoever the snare is garbage the bassdrum is pathetic. Anybody else agree? Maybe not all Ddrum but the Diablo
  16. brandon8robinson

    Do tom bottoms make a big difference?

    I have a Gretsch Catalina (699$) and the floortoms were kind of shitty, the heads I mean, they were Gretsch heads. I hda these for 2 months and I went out and bought a super-2 W/studio-X ring 14" head and it sounds great to me, I have semi-low standards though. It was 13.99 and there's still...