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    Bobby Jarzombek

    My last post under 'favorites' made me wonder...any other Bobby Jarzombek fans out there (plays in Spastic Inc) If you dont know him heres a video of him playing a song "School" ... chool.html
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    Saluda Cymbals

    I was looking at Saluda cymbals, pretty good looking and very cheap. Anybody have experience with them, and how are they?
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    Punchiest Defined Thud

    Which bass drum head do you think gives the punchiest and most defined thud. Something that would give the sound like the bass drums from.... Dream Theater: Images and Words, Awake Metallica: Metallica (Black Album), ...And Justice For All well...i hope you understand what im trying to get at...
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    Warmest/Best drum head

    In your opinion whats the warmest and best sounding coated head youve ever played
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    Evans G2 Coated or EC2 Coated

    I want some new heads and want to try coated. Ive narrowed it down to the Evans G2 or EC2 coateds. Im looking for a deep and very warm sound. Which would you suggest (and what sound characteristics do they posses
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    Impact Badge

    Whats your favorite bass drum impact badge?
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    PowerSonic Vs. EMAD Vs. Superkick

    I know all these drum heads are the same concept but im currently using the EMAD, and i was wondering which one out of the 3 gives you the punchiest and defined thud...can anyone help me out? Thanks!!!! ___________________________ Tama- The strongest name in drums
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    Quick Drumheads

    Hey, Im just curious in looking for drum heads that are really quick and have a really good rebound. Any head suggestions are fine (remo, aquarian, etc.) but personally i would like evans. Your thoughts would help me alot!! thanks!
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    EC2 Coated?

    Hey, Currently im using Evans clear batter EC2s and, im just interested in the EC2 Coateds...if anyone has any comparisons or input about these heads i would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Chris Adler Heads

    i know this question has already been asked...but what Aquarian drumheads is adler using at the '05 MDF. (Bass, and Toms)
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    Aquarians anyone?

    Anybody have an experience opinon on Aquarians (Toms: Performance 2's...Bass: Superkick 2)
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    Has anyone tried or heard the new Remo Powersonic bass drum head...what does it sound like, and what music is it best for?
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    Coated or Non-Coated

    Im soon getting new Evans G2 drumheads...and im not sure if i want coated or non coated...can someone please compare the 2
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    Evans EQ3 or E-MAD

    i cant decide which evans bass drum head i want to go with...i want either the EQ3 or the E-MAD....which one is better for rock/metal/progressive?