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  1. Spydr2000

    My new drum covers
  2. Spydr2000

    Ddrum Dominion Shell Pack 26" kick

    Uploaded with
  3. Spydr2000

    Getting older can't play like I use to.

    I've been playing 30+ years and and recently my drumming has taken a turn for the worse with the issue at hand with my feet. At home I don't really have to many issues, but at band practice and gigs my feet seem to feel heavy and lose speed. It's to the point where eight notes are impossible to...
  4. Spydr2000

    Foot problem?

    I've been playing drums for 30+ years and recently have been experiencing some problems with my right foot. In my younger days my foot would just get tired from hitting the drum to hard. I don't play that hard anymore but now I'm losing control of my foot to wear I struggle playing simple beats...
  5. Spydr2000

    FS: Tama Rockstar EFX 13" tom

    I have a new Tama 13" tom in snow white pearl (aka white marie pearl) asking 50.00 plus shipping. Any questions email at
  6. Spydr2000

    Pearl Eliminator dbl pedal

    Anyone have any problems with the slave side of a Pearl eliminator double pedal? I've been playing double bass for about 20 yrs. I have a relaxed motion where I play double bass at ease where my legs just know what to do. Playing this on my eliminator my slave pedal seems to drag making me...
  7. Spydr2000

    Ddrum vs. DW

    I would put my Ddrum dominions up against any DW kit any day!! Just to prove it's not about price and craftsmanship. And I was a DW user.
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    Morgan Rose Kick'd A$$

    I saw Sevendust for the first time tonight. All I can say is Morgan is nothing other than amazing! He played solid fast double bass, complex fills which were tasteful on the cuff and put on a killer show. I was also lucky enough to get to meet Morgan after the show and talk drums. Anyways that...
  9. Spydr2000

    Cymbal finish

    Check this out... ... _video.htm I'm into auto painting as a hobby as well as drumming and came across this video from a company that makes the craziest paints you'd ever want to see. The finish in the video on the cymbal is called mirror chrome but...
  10. Spydr2000

    Pearl Exports kit's

    Wow, I was just on the Pearl site and these kit's look amazing!! I remember when I was younger getting my 9pc pearl kit, man I thought it was But I like what Pearl has done with these kits, they sure came along way. I really like the export custom kits, this might be my next...
  11. Spydr2000

    Anyone know anyone famous personally?

    I was wondering how many might have grew up with someone that played drums that made it big?
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    Check this guy out!

    Grant Collins.. never heard of him but there is a couple videos on with some great drumming, HUGE drum kit and he uses it all. Anyways check out this clip he plays a bass drum lick at the very begining that to me sounds like Van Halen's "hot for teacher" ...check it out...
  13. Spydr2000

    Drum fill help!

    I'm learning a song for my band Daughtry's "it's not over" coming out of the solo he does a blazing fill, I think I got it but I wanted to see if someelse on here is good at figuring that stuff out and possibly could put on paper to see whats going on.
  14. Spydr2000

    What Module?

    I currently added so eletric drums to my kit but I don't have what I want to create the sounds I was looking for. I got the alesis DM5 module, it sounds great but I need certain sounds which I can change the effects or some how change the sound. Any modules out there that are at a affordable...
  15. Spydr2000

    Zildjan A custom

    Today I went to the new Guitar Center store that they just made here in Moosic PA. I was there checking out cymbals and came across this Zildjan 16" thin crash... all I can say is 'thin it was'. The thing sounded great but I knew by hitting this thing it would not with stand 3 blows of me...
  16. Spydr2000

    Bass drum foot speed

    I have been playing drum for years and have lots of experience under my belt. I would consider myself a old school 80's/ 90's drummer. I have learned most cover tunes I ever played to perfection. I recently started getting back into the band thing and playing new material and I'm having a real...
  17. Spydr2000

    FS: Tama rockstar EFX shell pack

    I'm getting rid of my Tama rockstar EFX in snow white pearl (aka white marie pearl) I'm selling shell pack only, which includes no hardware just as I bought it. Drums are re-headed with Evans G2 coated heads never hit other than tuning. This kit never left my house and is just over 1 year old...
  18. Spydr2000

    Morgan Rose vs. Mike Portnoy

    Who do you think is better? They play different styles but both are very progressive players who have tons of technique.
  19. Spydr2000

    The best deals..saving money.... having the gear you want.

    I started this tread for those to post any great deals you find. I've been buying alot of gear lately and wanted to let you know what I have found. I usually buy through or price match through musicians friend. For those who save money to buy gear one thing I do is every...
  20. Spydr2000

    Cymbal Technique

    Technique has nothing to do with breaking cymbals....Hitting them with a stick does. Obviously if you only broke one cymbal, I wouldn't go blaming this on technique. Also there are many levels of players out there. There are those of us that actually play like we mean it and those that just...