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    Who Here Dislikes "Betterdrummerthanyou?"

    he is the drummer who says sonor and sabian all suck and everything. Its like he just runs his mouth and says all the wrong things. I personally dont not like him. He said Sabians suck, which i do not approve off. I just think is a troubled little boy in the inside :?
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    Buying New Heads For Ludwig Drum Set

    i was looking around on musician friend and i decided i wanted The Pinstripes on the Toms, Coated Ambassador for the Bass Drums and a Emperor X on the Snare. Is this a good combination or is there better? Can you fellow drummers help and make some suggestion and tips. It would be appreciated!!!!
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    Pearl Fire Cracker Snare Drum

    Has anyone ever used the Pearl Firecracker Snare or anyone who currently owns one? I would appreciate the feedback :D Ludwig Drum Sabian and Zildjian Cymbals PDP and Gibraltar Hardware DW 7002 Pedals Latin Percussion Cowbell Rhtym Tech Hi Hat Trick Vic Firth X5A Sticks Vater 5A and 7A...
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    Sabian B8 Pro Line of Cymbals

    What are you opinions on the Sabian B8 Series of Cymbals?
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    Pearl, Tama, Ludwig, Dw, Pacific, and Yamaha Ups and Downs

    In your opinion, state what products from a company listed or any other companies good products and bad products. I would also like to know what you like either Companies etc stands, pedals, snares. In my opinion i think Dw makes great hardware, i think Tama and Ludwig make affordable sets...
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    Toms Tuning Issues, Please Help

    okay, i have a ludwig accent drum set with the stock heads on it, when i tune the tom to my liking, i put it back on the kit. but when i strike the head, the snare just go buzzing. i tried tightening the snare wires and the batter head but it still does. if you have the batter head tight, will...
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    A Good Sounding Cowbell

    somtime soon i want to buy a cowbell to mount on to my bassdrum but cannot decide on what to get. any suggestions? i would appreciate your help
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    A Good Add On Floor Tom

    hey everyone i am thinking of buying another floor tom for my ludwig accent combo set and i have a 16 x 16 floor and i want somthing smaller to add on to it. it needs to be available for blue color set. i would like to see some recommendations from some of you or what you recommend. thanks...
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    Zildjian ZHT Mastersound High-Hats

    i am thinking of buyind these high hats on musician friends but i just want to know if any of you used these before. are they worth the money? or should i save up for somthing better? i currently have Sabian B8 Hi Hats. They are great hats buy i prefer Zildjian Hats Ludwig Drums Zildjian and...
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    DW 7002 or Iron Cobra Jr

    i am looking to buy another better double pedal but cannot decide which one to buy. currently i have the Pacific Drums DP402 Double Bass Pedal and it is to heavy for me. i tried them both but still cannot decide. i would like to know if any of you tried one of these? bot h have great reviews and...