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    Gretsch 10 Ply Maple snare!

    i just bought a gretsch 10 ply maple snare, but have not got it yet. what do you guys think about them? this is my first wood snare! so i hope it will have a nice warm crack to it!
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    i have a late 80's early 90's pearl export kit i know that it has several woods that it is made of, but what are they? do any of you know?
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    thrash the hotel room

    have any of you guys thrashed a hotel room after a show? my high school jazz band did one time we really fuck the place up, we did shit like smoked allot of cigarettes in the room, so the place just stunk bad!!! and we like glued all the phones to the table, and we like turned all the furniture...
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    remember the old layout of this site? who misses it?
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    Dale Crover

    who digs dale cover?
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    Ludwig Rocker

    what do you guys think? i have heard that they are the most recorded snare in the world am i right? they are $99.00 is that a good deal?
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    Dig this noise!!! ... d=47258183 thats my band that kicks so much ass!!!!!!!!
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    check us out, tell me what you think! ... d=47258183
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    cover tunes?

    hey guys my band might be getting a gig with a really long set at our school, what are some good cover tunes that we should do, just for time fillers! we are a hard rock and metal band.
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    Yamaha 10" stage custom

    i am looking for a Yamaha 10" stage custom tom in cranberry red preferably from mid 90's! let me know what you want for it!!! thanks! Brian-
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    evans g2 coated batter heads

    are they any good? i have an export that needs new heads really bad! and i dont like pinstripes.
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    looking for

    hey guys i am doing this for a friend, he is looking for an older (mid 90's) Yamaha 10" tom in cranberry red. reply with specs on condidtion and price! thanks
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    vented toms?

    what would you guys think of vented toms?
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    ddrum diablo?

    what do you think of this series? compaired to an export
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    Tosco Cymbals

    what do you guys think about them?
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    what the sam hell are these things called?

    i dont have a pic of one cause i dont really know what they are called, but they are a silver cymbal like percussion instrament that looks kinda like a bycycle wheel, or thr bottom part of a roto tom. does anyone know what i am talking about? Ginger Baker has a small one on his kit, and Dale...
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    stagg cymbals

    i dont know anything about them are they any good? and what is the tone quality of them?
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    Diviant Youth
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    my band and my kit

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    hihat question!

    i have a set of old Super brand hihats made in germany by paiste, they are B20 alloy they are similar to the 602 line, does anyone know what they might be worth?