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    RET Percussion 8-)

    I'm going to keep this nice and short: RET Percussion drumkits are the best. Couple the awesome drums with either a TD-20 or the VPT Software pack, and you've instantly got the best setup around. check out the vids... VIDS!!!
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    Crazy NEWS!!!

    First, you've GOT to check out my new videos on Youtube! Just go to Second, I'm going to be auditioning for the Blue Man Group band tomorrow! I'm so excited! I needed to tell someone, and I thought you guys and gals should be the first to hear it! Thanks for...
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    Check me out!

    Really quick: I'm an accoustic and electronic drummer from Chicago area. I've got a video out on Youtube showing off my new stuff: Also, I've been asked to demonstrate my new Stealth kit by RET Percussion with the VPT pack at FutureDrum 2007...
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    Electronic drums making a breakthrough

    About me: I'm a 22 year old acoustic and electronic drummer from the Chicagoland area. I've been playing both for about 13 years now. I've recently put together a short video highlighting the awesome features of electronic drums, mainly the breakthrough by way of software. Check it out if...
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    Anyone else in LOVE with RET Percussion kits?!

    I've got the new Stealth kit by RET and it's gorgeous and compact. The others are just beautiful and solidly built. I was wanting to know if anyone else had an RET kit? Anyone else using VSTi's like BFD or DFH? Let me know!!! MikeyVPT PS. I've got a video coming out soon on