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    What is the current bpm setting on your metronome?

    I'm interested to learn what speeds you guys are practicing at. Currently I am just practicing singles at a slow 45 bpm. Yesterday I was practicing the same thing at 50 bpm. To mix it up I'd occassionally work on some exercises from the Master studies book by Joe Morello. But I keep coming back...
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    Drummers in the UK. Andy Newmark is available for lessons!

    I've just noticed over at DrummerWorld that Andy Newmark is now available for teaching. The details are listed on the page. Andy says he'd like the lessons to be about 90 minutes duration so that he and the student can "Talk, play, drink...
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    Retiring from drumming

    Well today I had to resign from the drums due to ill health. Perhaps at a later date I may be able to play again, but at this point it seems unlikely. I'll still play percussion though and I really enjoy it. It probably interests me more these days anyway. I rarely pick up the sticks these days...
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    Hi guys. James Brown passed away at the age of 73 yesterday. I was lucky enough to see him in concert and it was a show I'll never forget. He did a lot for us drummers. Cheers. Dale
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    Percussion instruments that can be added to a set up reviews

    For those who may be interested in adding some percussion colours to a set up, here are some I have either used, or own and have used. Most instruments have been used on recordings, so I have had a chance to hear them not only live, but in the recording context as well. I'll try to focus on...
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    TAMA Bill Bruford signature snare. Thoughts?

    Hi guys. I want to get a birch snare drum, although I know this is a birch/maple drum. I've been looking at this snare drum on the web but have not actually seen one in person. Does anybody here have experience with this snare drum? And if so, what are your thoughts? Worth the money...
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    Who would win this boxing match?

    Please vote because this is very important.
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    TAMA question.

    Is the maple Starclassic a top of the line, or second line kit? Many thanks.
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    I've come to the conclusion I don't know anything.

    Hello all. Well, I've decided I don't have a damned clue about drumming. The more I think about drums and drumming, the more I realise how very little I know. Lately, for some unknown reason, I found myself becoming opinionated about certain things. 'The is right' this is wrong' etc etc. Who...
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    LP Pro shekere for sale in Aussie.

    I have an LP Pro shekere that I'd like to sell. I paid about $200.00 AUD and will sell for $120.00 AUD. Hardly used.
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    Need to mount snare drum so as to play it with pedal.

    I want to mount a 5" deep snare drum so I can play it with a kick drum pedal with a stick attached. Does anyone know how I could do this and what mounts I'd need? Thanks.