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  1. Qbs

    Pearl MMX/SLX hybrid

    I've made some changes in my kit and I've decided to show it - the kick drum is an old Pearl Session Elite SLX and the toms are MMX. Mind you, I'm still looking for a Masters (MMX/MRX/MHX) 20x16" (or x14/x18") kick with the BB3 tom bracket... it's really hard to find one... :/ and maybe someday...
  2. Qbs

    any Swindon based drummers?

    I recently came to Swindon, Wilts, UK for holidays and I was wondering if any of you guys are from around here to show me some quality music shops? :)
  3. Qbs

    [wanted] pearl masters bass drum

    I'm looking for a Pearl MMX or MHX 20x16" (or 20x18") kick drum. Preferably with the bb-3 tom mounting bracket but I'll be just as happy with a virgin (pun not intended ;) ) Any color will do!
  4. Qbs

    A problem with getting the right groove with a band

    Recently my band welcomed a new bass player. I must admint that although it sounds weird this is the first bass player that really listens to what I'm doing on the drums and plays with my bass drum not against it. As much as I love this the other bandmates think that although we've gained a...
  5. Qbs

    selling my Pearl FFS 14x3,5"

    basically all the info is here: ... 0108525311 :)
  6. Qbs

    snare for reggae

    I'm pretty sure most of you know that almost timbale like sound of a snare drum used in reggae music - it's very high pitched, penetrating, with a really ringy tone and it becomes even better with some reverb :). Now, I know that I can achieve that sound by tuning my Pearl FFS 14x3,5" way high...
  7. Qbs

    How to clean gold hardware?

    Hi, I've just bought an old Pearl Masters w/gold hardware and it seems that it hasn't been used for quite some time because the gold hardware is really dirty. My question is - what would you recommend to clean all those gold plated lugs, hoops and ISS? Thanks,
  8. Qbs

    Aaron Harris of Isis

    Has anyone got any info on what kit he's using? All I've found is that he's an Vater endorser and according to the below photos he uses Zildjian and has a Roland SPS-D pad :) Any ideas on what drumset is that? I'm thinking somekind of old Premier...
  9. Qbs

    wanted: pearl MMX or MHX 14" tom

    I'm looking for a MMX or MHX 14x14" floor-tom (14x12" hanging tom is also a possibility) preferably in #136 Opal White but other colors will do too. I'd love it if the drum would be from about '95-'99 (when they put ISS and 2.0 hoops on them) please PM me with your offers I'll consider each and...
  10. Qbs

    What drumming magazines do you read?

    What drumming magazines do you read? I myself read Modern Drummer - mainly for the exercises and tracks transcriptions :)
  11. Qbs

    Do you play any other instruments?

    Do you play any other instruments or just drums? Does it help your drumming if you're playing another instrument?
  12. Qbs

    Taye Drum Company Announces The Graphix Skull Kit

    Taye Drum Company has announced the Taye Graphix "Skull Kit." From the front skull adorning logo head to the skull inlays on the hoops, Taye Drums made sure to catch every terrifying detail. read more>>>
  13. Qbs

    What heads for birch drums?

    I'm using a 12x9 Premier Artist Birch tom. Currently it has Evans G1 coated on top and Evans Resonant on the bottom side. The problem is that I find the sound too bright for my liking - I suppose that birch drums should sound bright but I really miss that warm punch and I'm wondering if anyone...
  14. Qbs

    Korg Beatlab

    Has anyone seen/used this new metronome from Korg? How does it compare to regular metronomes or the Tama Rhythm Watch in real life situations?
  15. Qbs

    chain vs. belt vs. direct-drive

    Which do you prefer when it comes to kick drum pedals - chain drive, belt/strap drive or maybe direct-drive? Why? Let's talk.
  16. Qbs

    Best crash?

    We had a 'best china' thread so let's discuss what makes a best crash and what is THE best crash in your opinion.
  17. Qbs

    Your three favourite cymbals

    What are your three all-time favourite cymbals?
  18. Qbs

    UFIP anyone?

    Has anyone played or maybe is playing UFIP cymbals? How do they compare to the big three?
  19. Qbs

    Metal vs. wood snare

    What snare drums do you prefer - metal or wooden? Why? :) Let's discuss.
  20. Qbs

    Practicing: pad or pillow?

    What's your view on practicing without your snare/drumset - do you like to practice on a pad (or something else that simulates the rebound of a drumhead) or a pillow (or something else that doesn't give you any rebound at all)? I've heard many opinions about practicing on pillows being good or...