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  1. PaulZILLA

    Tama Rockstar 8piece(info needed)

    so ive found a really good deal on a Tama Rockstar 8pc. i dont wana take my good nice kit to gigs, cause well its not fit for the music i gig with, and its too much risk. i just wana know does the rockstar come with Starcast mounts. cause its on musiciansfriend, and they are bad about using the...
  2. PaulZILLA

    How Do You tune A BassDrum Sub-Woofer?

    so im working on that monster 24x22 bassdrum finaly, and im loving the sound. its insane, but im thinking about building a sub-woofer too. ive heard a few kits with them, and like the sound alot, i dont really mute my bass any and stuff it full. generaly i run it wide open(no muting inside it)...
  3. PaulZILLA

    Wavey Edge China?

    I was watching a drum video somewhere, and the drummer had this wavey edged china on his kit(at least thats the way it was shaped). he didnt have it inverted, so im not sure what exactly it was. the video never showed him using it. I am wondering if any of you folks have a clue what this thing...
  4. PaulZILLA

    Settle An Arguement About BassHead Port Location

    My friend and I are in a dead locked battle over whether port location and size has anything to do with the over all resulting sound. i wont give away who has the side to prevent scueing results. so all of you please tell what you think and i will print off the results for him so that we both...
  5. PaulZILLA

    Rack For Cymbals Alone

    so i pretty much am set on using a 4pc setup for a while, and otherwise using a 5pc with 1up-2down toms when not a 4pc. i do plan on using a fair amount of cymbals, more than i currently use. so im trying to figure out if i want to use a rack for the cymbals or not, the rack tom is going to be...
  6. PaulZILLA

    New Kit Possibilities, Input and Opinions Needed

    im building a new kit for myself this summer, from my custom drum series, i call my custom shop DrumShopMafia. yea its kinda cheesy but i love the name and the thought behind it kinda works. all of us drummers who get hated on and raged on for no reasons, and all that kinda stuff. we all would...
  7. PaulZILLA

    My Old Highschool Paid$$$ for a kit and it sounds like crap.

    i was at my old highschool for an alumni band thing for their upcoming concert, and i got to play aroud on their new Pearl Session Masters Birch kit. rack(pearl) and zildjian ZHT(crap for their purpose) cymbals and all that. it is an ok kit. but first. the stock heads claim to be hydraulic but...
  8. PaulZILLA

    Bass Drum Size(help)

    ok. so ive been drumming for a fair time now. as ive gotten better, ive began playing many different styles. for a long time i was primarily into speedmetal/death metal and things like that so i was really heavy into double bass and things like that. lately ive been doing alot of jaming with...
  9. PaulZILLA


    ok my friend has a Tama Starclassic. birch. white finish. 4pc kit. 20x18 bass. 12 tom. 14 floor tom. and snare. its in great shape. and hes tryin to sell it to me for 500$. so is that a really good deal or what. cause i dont know much about the starclassic series. except that the matching...
  10. PaulZILLA

    Gretsch Catalina - Rock Vs MOD

    alright im buying a new set. and i really want somethin with that classic look and i know gretsch is a very good company as far as asound and quality goes. i personaly am in love with the Catlina MOD in silver flake with black stripes. 22x20 bassdrum. love that thing. but my friend keeps...
  11. PaulZILLA

    CUSTOM Snare

    i duno bout alot of these. as far as snares go i like DDRUM (ash) and the custom snares i build. the ones i build are great live and recording.