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  1. Zim

    Sonor Maple kit w/ Meinl Byzance my 08'/09 set up

    I switched over to a smaller kit for this season. I still have the monster Sonor birch but its put up for this season of gigs. I upgraded to Meinl Byzances rides and crashes, I still use the one Meinl classic 18 thin crash and put away all the classic 18 crases i used last year. i really like...
  2. Zim

    Meinl China /splash

    I found an 8" meinl china/splash on ebay new for 40 bucks three months ago. I use it and it definetly has a unique sound. do they make these in any other sizes. I cannot even find them @ Musicians FIEND lol
  3. Zim

    My 3 drumkits ;Sonor Birch and Maple and my E/kit hybrid

    <div><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="" height="360" width="480"><a...
  4. Zim

    Myspace drum site address come join

    I started a drummers only my space site if you want to join the address is ....not DML!
  5. Zim

    SONOR DRUMS Whos also into them?

    I have played everything from CB,Ludwig,Pearl <tama,Mapex there all good and have there place but # years ago I was able to get my dream set. I wanted a Sonor set since 1980. I have 2 now a Birch and a Maple. Maple Sonor force 3007 Natural finish lacquer Birch sonor force 2007 amber fade...
  6. Zim

    Sonor maple force 3005

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a> fun fun fun Sonor 3005 full maple its my new gig kit for this year. I have 3 drum kits
  7. Zim

    Sick ass snare collection

    Joey tempestas snare collection. I see some nice shit in there . I like that brass one on the bottom right.
  8. Zim

    Sabian aa el sador hi hats

    I just got a sweet deal on a new pair of these and I havent had a chance to play live w/ them. I usually use 14 zildjian new beats. W/ the El sador sabians I swapped the bottom for the top and vice versa. Nice sound the bottom cymbal is flat and has more chick and sizzle than the raw belled...
  9. Zim

    Sonor force 3005 full maple kit onstage

    Full maple sonor force 3005 w/ pearl floating head copper snare
  10. Zim

    pics of your drum set

    Sonor satin finish, birch force 2005 amber fade 8 10 12 13 14 16 22x18
  11. Zim

    cymbal and efx placement

    I just moved my normal cymbal package around some to make the efx of my cowbells and tambourine and ice bell more comfortable. I was used to a certain setup but I changed it yesterday and practice last night was so dynamic I am glad i did it. I am not wasting alot of energy twisting into weird...
  12. Zim

    Zim- my set up Sonors

    Sonor force 2005 9ply birch amber fade satin finish 8 10 12 13 14 16 22x18
  13. Zim

    ZAPPA; some of the best drummers around

    I like the drummers he's had,Ralph humphries,chester Thompson.Terry Bozzio, chad wackerman,aynsley dunbar to name a few.
  14. Zim

    effect cymbals and cymbal setups

    when is too much too much? I currently have an ice bell6.5 medium effect, a 12 and 10 zildjian splashes,an 18 and 12 china(18 is a zildjian,12 is a wuhan)a 20 k zildjian dry light ride,an 18 zildjian medium thin crash, 2 sabian b8 16 crashes and a sabian 16 b8 pro thin crash and my hats are...
  15. Zim

    new here, pics of my kit

    Here is my kit. birch sonor force 2005 amber fade satin finishnor force 2005 :P<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>