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  1. Gazdkw82§

    bass drum issues

    i recently posted about tilting bass drum and the benefits etc. the reason i asked is because my bass drum keeps moving, especially when im using my left kick. anyways i noticed since i upgraded my beaters to some new tama ones, at the point of contact he beater itself is so far forward its not...
  2. Gazdkw82§

    tilting bass drum....

    whats the benefit of extending the legs and lifting the bass drum up is it for tone or is it feel?
  3. Gazdkw82§

    snare skins....

    i use evans skins all round my kit except my snare which is remo.....iv been on evans website and noticed a couple of skins have numerous litle holes around the etc of the skin. iv narrored it down to the super tough dry skin.... has anyone used any of the skins with the holes? are they any...
  4. Gazdkw82§


    do you all starclassics have signature on the inside right by the starclassic sticker?
  5. Gazdkw82§

    tama starclassics

    do you all starclassics have signature on the inside right by the starclassic sticker?
  6. Gazdkw82§

    visual drumming

    ok heres the deal, iv joined a new band and the kind of bands we are getting into, have very visual drummers and it looks great! im visually quite a subdued drummer and tend to concentrate on playing my parts correctly than letting go and just going with the flow. However im trying hard to...
  7. Gazdkw82§

    cymbal technique

    im abit baffled by the way my cymbals are working for me basically theres a few parts in certain songs where i replace my hi hats with crash/ride cymbals moving from one to another etc over a straight beat. however the cymbals seem to move out of control which really makes it difficult for me...
  8. Gazdkw82§

    on need the low down....

    on acrylic drums? im currently sat watching razorlight (not my favorite band by all means) at reading festival and iv noticed there drummer uses a ludwig acrylic drum set. Iv always though acrylic sets where a novalty thing and wouldn't actually sound that good but the kit sounds great so...
  9. Gazdkw82§

    drum racks

    Im currently just playing with normal stands but i want to try using a rack system for quicker change overs on stage and for more options with set ups. I have no idea which rack system to go for. Iv seen a few but they look too big and bulky abit like scaffold. Iv seen one which i like it was...
  10. Gazdkw82§

    what wood is this?

    im really interested in making my own custom drums and i noticed on ebay there was a bass drum and floor tom shells for sale. I mailed the seller to ask what wood type they where and what condition the bearing edges where in and this was the reply "The shells are in good condition, a few places...
  11. Gazdkw82§


    hi guys here is my kit with the new cymbals and different set up. I just wanna get a oriental china now and ill be happy :)
  12. Gazdkw82§

    tuning my tom

    i cant seem to tune my 10" tom its doing my head in. Its a yamaha maple custom i purchased second hand recently. Iv took it apart clean it, checked the shell, lugs, tension rods, hoop etc and everythin is fine. The problem is when i go to fine tune both sides its near impossible. This is...
  13. Gazdkw82§

    lug lube?

    iv decided to take apart and clean my snare. I was wondering what the best lubrication for the lugs would be? I was gonna use general lubrication but im thinking whether grease would work better? feedback welcome?
  14. Gazdkw82§

    signature sticks

    is there anywhere you can get your own name put on your chosen set of drumsticks?
  15. Gazdkw82§

    snare throw off

    where do you normally have your snare throw off? to the right or left? i can never decide i think i prefer right
  16. Gazdkw82§

    bass drum problems

    my bass drum dont feel right. when i play quavers at say 120bmp it does this awkward bounce back thing. When i kick slow its a nice attack but as soon as i speed it up, or play doubles its uncontrollable. Im thinking its a pedal issue as its a new pearl eliminator. I had a similar issue with a...
  17. Gazdkw82§

    Zildjian 18" china low boy

    anyone used this china? i might get one but i cant seem to get a wav file to hear it
  18. Gazdkw82§

    detunning bass drum

    ok iv just purchased a new yamaha maple custom (see show us your kit). however im struggling with my bass drum lugs falling out of tune. i have the batter head quite slack (1/2 turn past finger tight) but whenever i get it the drum out the case for a show the lugs seem to have slipped so much...
  19. Gazdkw82§

    water and drums?

    basically i went to see 36 crazy fists couple of weeks ago and there drummer kept putting water in his mouth and spitting it out real fast while playing songs. the visual effect is great however, towards the end of the show his drums/cymbals where covered in water. surely over time, this water...
  20. Gazdkw82§


    heres my new kit yamaha maple custom. sizes 20 kick 10,12,14 toms. its the first time iv used a 20" kick and it sounds punchy as f**k!! i previously had a dw and i think this kit sounds so much more pure and warm.