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  1. shirleythewerewolf

    What Do You Need To Know To Be A Good Drum Instructor?

    I recently started giving drum lessons from beginner to intermediate drummers, and I just thought I'd make this post to see what everyone's opinions on what you need to know to be a good drum instructor are. I'm starting students out by teaching them how to read, rudiments, and things like that...
  2. shirleythewerewolf

    Jeremy Hummel Online Video Lessons

    For any fans of Jeremy Hummel's drumming (he was the original drummer for Breaking Benjamin and recorded their first 2 cds with them and now plays with the band Until We Rise in addition to giving lessons) he has posted some video lessons up on his site. They're informative and give some great...
  3. shirleythewerewolf

    Moving Kick Drum

    I have a real problem with my kick drum moving away from me while I play, and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how I could stop it from doing that. It gets to be somewhat of a problem live because my band has longer songs lol. I was just wondering if anyone else has this...
  4. shirleythewerewolf

    Treadkill Red

    This is my band's MySpace page, and our name is Treadkill Red. We're a 3 piece metal/rock band and just did our first 6 song EP. Here's our page...
  5. shirleythewerewolf


    Sorry if this is already a topic; I couldn't find anything on it. I was just wondering how many of you twirl your sticks while playing. I know some drummers love it, and some completely disregard it because they think it's cheesy. Personally I love it, and would like to get better at it. I...
  6. shirleythewerewolf

    Tom Placement

    I'm a drummer that's been playing for about 14 years, and recently I started having some trouble with my wrists. To help remedy that, I decided to set my toms on my kit differently so I'd be striking the drum differently. I just thought I'd ask the opinions of my fellow drummers how they...