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  1. quikstang2

    Tama Starcast mounting system

    I've got a set of Rockstars from like 2001 that have the Starcast system that clamps onto the rim instead of being integrated in the rim like the Starclassics. I always thought the Rockstars were just bad at staying in tune but I used a few of them with out the suspension system and they stayed...
  2. quikstang2

    Derek Roddy's new book and sticks!!!

    Hey guys. I was at Resurrection Drums yesterday hanging out (it's about the only place to find cool drummers around here) where Derek Roddy works and half way through the conversation he realized that I play metal and handed me a promotion card for his new book. It's not out yet, but it will...
  3. quikstang2

    Pimp Your Snare

    So I've had this CB Percussion 14"x6" steel snare sitting around for like 9 years now. It came with my first set (the vintage Premiers I'm working on) and I never sold it because nobody around here wanted it and the shipping would be more than the cost of the drum. When Mars Music went out of...