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  1. screamkevin

    The Return Of Me...Not That It's Earthshaking Or Anything...

    Hey folks, Stopping by to apologise for my absence, I've been very busy and haven't been around as much as I should be. For those who know me, HEY!! How's it goin'? For those who are newer here, My name is Kevin and I'm one of the Moderators here on DML. I'm hopelessly addicted to drumming...
  2. screamkevin

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Report Spam Posts

    Howdy folks. For the most part, all of us here in the DML family know what the rules are and abide by them. Spammers don't. So, since we suddenly seem to be getting an influx of spam posts, read up right here: 1. If you see a spam post, please don't bother replying. Most are just posted by...
  3. screamkevin

    Opportunity to get a new kit

    Need some opinions, dudes. A buddy of mine is parting with one of his kits, and I can't get away from it. (I'm a Yamaha guy, but damn!) It's a Sequoia Red Pearl Masters kit, with the following: 10x8 12x9 13x10 13x10 ( yes there are two of this size) 14x11 16x16 18x16 Also there are three...
  4. screamkevin

    I'm back!

    Hey all, I'm making my return to DML. I had a longstanding problem with Firefox, but it looks like it's fixed, so I'll be here more often as my schedule permits! It'll take me a while to get through all the stuff I've missed, but you know.
  5. screamkevin

    Modern Drummer Announces Partial Roster for MD Festival 2008

    Just thought I'd pass this along for everyone. Three more artists will be announced soon. Lineup courtesy of Modern Drummer Wire. The artists: Simon Phillips & Protocol (Toto/The Who/Jeff Beck) A true giant of rock and fusion drumming, and a revered clinician, Simon Phillips has been...
  6. screamkevin

    Tama Iron Cobra question

    Hey there dudes and dudettes, Somehow, a wing bolt came out and dissapeared from my Iron Cobra double pedal. It's the one that helps to tension the hoop clamp assembly, right behind the disc-shaped adjustor. Anyone know if a bolt from Lowe's will have the right threading, or will I need to...
  7. screamkevin

    Screamkevin's Yamahas

    I haven't done it in a while, so here are some pics of my kit and me, for those who haven't seen it. DRUMS 1999 Yamaha Stage Custom in Marina Green High-Gloss finish (2) 17" x 22" bass drums 10"x12" rack tom 11"x13" rack tom (2) 16"x16" floor toms (one tuned high, one tuned low)...
  8. screamkevin

    Searching for Topics

    Hello, fellow drummers one and all. Recently, a request was made for a sticky post to encourage everyone to utilize the "search" function on DML if you're asking a common question. So, here goes... We're not asking you to not ask your question, understand that. But we certainly don't want...
  9. screamkevin

    Any DML Members Playing In Eastern PA tonight?

    Hey folks, I'm roadtripping to Lansdale, PA, today for a computer repair gig, and I'll have some free time tonight. Anyone gigging in the greater Philly area? Love to hook up with someone if you are! Let me know here.
  10. screamkevin

    A Vid from Me...

    Not on par with what Howe and iatemygoat are doing, but it's fun, <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=""...
  11. screamkevin

    Update on Kit Constructor Downloads

    Folks, As you know, I have the Kit Constructor program on one of my web company's servers for public download by DML members. Just an update for you. The company that hosts our servers is doing a changeover, so all of our sites (about 300 of them) are down right now, including the server that...
  12. screamkevin

    Stagg Cymbals

    Ask and recieve answers to your Stagg cymbal questions here. Stagg only, please.
  13. screamkevin

    Bosphorus Cymbals

    Ask and recieve answers to your Bosphorus cymbal questions here. Bosphorus only, please.
  14. screamkevin

    Meinl Cymbals

    Ask and recieve answers to your Meinl cymbal questions here. Meinl only, please.
  15. screamkevin

    Zildjian Cymbals

    Ask and recieve answers to your Zildjian questions here. Zildjian only, please.
  16. screamkevin

    Sabian Cymbals

    Ask and recieve answers to your Sabian questions here. Sabian only, please.
  17. screamkevin

    Paiste Cymbals

    Ask and recieve answers to your Paiste questions here. Paiste only, please.
  18. screamkevin

    This Is...

    My 1000th Post!!! WHOOT!! Yeah, it's a cheap way to get it, but hey, whaddya want?? :lol:
  19. screamkevin

    Questions About Kit Constructor

    This is the thread for questions on the Kit Constructor program used to make a virtual representation of your drumkit. Please do NOT post your images here. This thread is for questions only. Thank you.
  20. screamkevin

    Kit Constructor Program For Any Who Don't Have It Yet

    For anyone who doesn't have it yet, I have given the Zip file of the drumkit constructor program a permanent home on one of my personal servers. Click on the link for the download. To make this run properly on Windows XP based systems, you'll...