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  1. devilspain

    Adele - Someone like you
  2. devilspain

    John, Shelly and the Creatures album out now!!

    hey you can buy our album 'Dinosaur' from and for itunes also!! hope you guys enjoy it! thanks kev. ... d291033965 ... +creatures
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    Londons Calling

    Hey world john, shelly and the creatures need your help to get us to london!!! what we need you to do is follow the link below and sign up for a voting membership if you dont already have one!!! then i need you to vote for us!! we have already made the shortlisted final of 20 people. so just...
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    BIG LIFE Publishing deal

    Hey my band ( John Shelly and the Creatures) signed a publishing deal with BIG LIFE publishing. One of our songs has been chosen for tv/radio/cinema tourist board advert campaign. we are stoked to bits. can check out the song "long may you reign" at our myspace...
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    check out

    Hey guys just promoting this new site my bands just joined! im pretty sure there are others more like it. this one is called its like another type of myspace but it focuses more on video and promoting unsigned acts. here's my bands page you can upload music...
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    1 Electric Picnic Ticket for sale!! in Belfast area

    hey i have a ticket to sell as i cant go!!! :( im looking to sell to someone in the belfast area as i cant drive to deliver the ticket. im selling it for 240Euro or £180 face value. this again is for BELFAST ONLY!!!! get in touch kev
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    RIP Jerry Finn

    great producer check out what he's done!!! :O guys a legend!
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    Download my bands latest single for FREE!!!

    Hey everyone, just to let you all know you can download my bands John Shelly and the Creatures latest single 'angeline'. It is FREE to download as part of the Hard working class heroes festival!! follow the link below and down the track!! ya know you want too...
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    lost any gear??

    hey just thought id post im bored waiting for a phone call.... last night i forgot (or well i think i forgot) my stick bag after playing a gig in dublin. im ragin cause if it is lost, its a tonne of cash i dont wana be forking out to replace. apart from 3 pairs of brand new vic firths, ive...
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    gots myself a custom Bass drum head. what ya think?

    as it says i gots myself a custom bass drum head from i think he did a great job!
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    Electric Drum kit and concert band!

    hey just need a few opinions. a friend who runs a concert band(mostly kids etc) has been offered an electric drum kit, she wants the drummer to be louder she asked my opinion on the matter. i said to her, well to be honest electric drum kit wouldnt be that loud to project over the concert band...
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    International swap shop!

    we need to set up an international swap shop!! lol with the dollar being soo cheap to the pound about ($2 to £1). we need to set up a shop! drum gear at american prices! lol. par example. sabian vault hats home uk are - £243 from (the cheapest ive found so far) (in dollars -...
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    Few Irish Dates

    hey well we've just played 3 belfast shows last week, now the next few show be as follows. 13th June - Mullingar westmeath - The Stables 16th July - letterkenny, Donegal - An Grianan Theatre - playing support to Dave Geraghty (bellx1) 23rd July - Dundalk, Louth - The Spirit Store - Playing...
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    Hey everyone im doin a sky dive for epilepsy in june, i was wondering if any charitable sole would sponser me!! anything would be great! a few dollars a few pound or a few euro anything you can spare!! dont worry im not a randomer on this website ive been about for a few years but anyways if...
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    Analogue or digital???

    just curious to know who wht desks are you using for recording/live use?? do you prefere digital or analogue desks?? :D or even old school anyone using tape to record??
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    JSC - My band covering a Bob dylan song

    here is ballad of a thin man for all you dylan fans. id have never thought when i started playing drums id be covering dylan songs but here you are! enjoy! oh an if your bored check out the rest of the gig! just follow the video responses till you...
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    Download the EP for FREE!!!

    hey people you can now download my bands EP free from many sites or just two so far. if you like pop rock / alternative rock music check us out! have fun! download the EP from the myspace site. stick it on a cd and put it in your car stereo!! :D and you...
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    hey guys just doin some promotion. for mee band. we're john shelly and the creatures!! formed sometime on the eve of last year. been recording the EP for the last to months in Belfast at Queens. so that should be available to buy or just even listen to on our website, BEBO and MYSPACE pretty...
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    [Devilspain] Mapex Saturn

    sorry bout the crappy photos but didnt have the space to take nice pics. lol the kit is black cherry sparkle but it isnt that clear from the photos. anyways enjoy. ill try and get better pics some time.
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    NO bloody tom holders!!

    went to order my mapex today and the guy phoned them up asking to order one in. all is great until the guy from mapex said to my dealer the kit doesnt come with a snare (fair enuff didnt expect it to) but then he said the kit didnt come with any hardware (i was shocked) im not talkin about hi...