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    Studio time!

    Hey all! I'm a newer member of the forum, and this is a link to a video of me recording our demo in Miami with the progressive metal band from Jacksonville, Florida called Artilect. Looking for some feedback on my style. Good or bad criticism welcome!
  2. J

    Artilect-Progressive Metal (Jacksonville, Florida )

    Here is a video of a new song written by my band Artilect. We are from Jacksvonille, Florida, and are really looking to get our music out and see what the rest of the world thinks. Honest, and constructive criticism/praise is most welcome of course!
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    I'm new!

    Hey everyone here at "drumsmylife"! I am new to the forum. Drummer for almost 10 years now, in a progressive metal band, and am looking to forward to making friends, and meeting some new creative people! You can find my recent drumming progress at our band's website:, where...