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    am i wrong?

    i of today got fired/quit my band...i am currently unemployed,so for the last 2 weeks i have been unable to make it to practice due to no gas $$$ to get there..mind you we had no shows booked.i call and leave a message saying this..the bassplayer calls me back as says if i don't show up...
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    cymbal wish list!!!!!

    what do you want? what do you need? what would you get if you had the$$$$$$$? me,i'm pretty happy with what i have.. but.... 16 k custom thin dark crash 21 paiste sig series power ride..(i used to have one,but my dumbass sold it) 8)
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    list national acts you have opened for!!

    my motor punch has had the honor of opening for many national acts..some big,some small but here they are.. peter frampton dickie betts lou graham br549 king's x kim mitchell gomez english beat smile empty soul in another band i opened for the goo goo dolls..before they got big 8)...
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    Post your cymbal set up

    whatch got?!?!?! 8"&10" avedis zildjan extra thin splashes 16" zildjan a custom fast crash 16"&17" a custom projection crashes 21" sabian aax stage ride 14" 1953 zildjan a new beats 8)