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  1. phoenix7289

    phoenix7289 making a return with new pics!

    Hey all! Glad to be back to this site and I hope to see some familiar faces and drumsets! :D Stats! Drums (Never been good at drum stats) PDP X7 Series Maple 8, 10, 12 rack toms. 14, 16 Floor toms. 20x22 bass. Tama Artwood snares Limited Edition 13x6.5 black sparkley one to the side 14x6.5...
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    So there is a 2-pc set you can buy.... or a low or high pitch 4-pc set.... But my question, is which 4-pc set does Portnoy use??? I looked on and it simply gave for the Octobans individually, their product numbers... from smallest to largest: OCT343N,OCT390N,OCT443N,OCT472N That of...
  3. phoenix7289

    Looking for a special type of bass drum pedal...

    I need basically a remote bass drum pedal. One that has the pedal itself in an easy to access place, but the actually kicker is somewhere else. Kind of like a double bass pedal, but where it would be just like the left pedal, and then the extension, but not another pedal.
  4. phoenix7289

    My kit nowadays... long time no see guys!

    [/img] [/img] [/img] On the kit constructor picture, two cymbals are boxed. The box to the left, is a Sabian Alien Disc, 10". That I will be getting on October 22nd, 2008. The other boxed cymbal, is going to be the Sabian 20" HHX Chinese, which I plan on ordering the same day I get the...
  5. phoenix7289

    First drumming video I have posted in a long time... One Last Time by Dream Theater I am open to opinions!
  6. phoenix7289

    What kind of sticks do you use, perhaps two different kinds?

    I personally am most comfortable with a Vic First 2BN Rock style stick for my right hand, and a Vic Firth 2BN for my left. The Rock style is just about a centimeter longer in length, but it feels like a huge difference to me. Any of you like this? Please list what you play with for your sticks!
  7. phoenix7289

    Drums My Life going down hill? What do you think???

    Ok so now it's not so much community anymore... but whomever structures and makes the site, which I am sure is Greg, is making his statements and saying "Buddy Rich IS the best drummer ever." What about people who disagree? That pushes people away from the site. Instead one could say something...
  8. phoenix7289

    My head combo for my snare: PERFECT.

    You read the title, yes, it's perfect. I have a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive 14"x5.5" Snare with an Aquarian Hi-Energy head on the batter side, and an Aquarian Classic Clear Snare Side head on the batter.... with an Aquarian Studio Ring 14" on the top as well.... I tightened it and tuned it...
  9. phoenix7289

    Tama Power Tower whatever Rack.

    Is it as good as the price says and it looks? I may consider investing in one.... and I am a big Tama fan. Is it worth the money?
  10. phoenix7289

    Tour of my kit "The Blackened Phoenix"
  11. phoenix7289

    I WILL get it!!!

    My local Sam Ash has one of those new Paiste Rhythmatist 22" Blue Bell Rides. O.O $412. I shall get it. No one will stop me. My epic'ness needs it! The cymbal is the most beautiful cymbal I have ever set eyes upon, and one of the best sounding rides EVAR! Linky...
  12. phoenix7289

    Octavarium by Dream Theater???

    Any of you ever try drumming to it? I've played it on the drums maybe almost 10 times now... I've got it nailed down pretty good if you ask me... of course if you ask all the haters on youtube who are biased AGAINST me, I would suck even if I was better than Mike Portnoy... Anyways, what do you...
  13. phoenix7289

    Good Bottom Drumheads....

    I have Aquarian Response 2s on all my toms and floors, 2 and 2. I need to know what Aquarian type of drumhead would go best for a bottom drumhead. Or what type from another company would be good mixed with these?
  14. phoenix7289

    My drum teacher dude is a god on drums, here is why: That is his groovey solo.... Here is his EXPLOSIVE SPONTANEOUS solo...
  15. phoenix7289

    A TRIPLE China stack?!!!

    Ok, so here's the story: Sabian was taking forever to send me my free AAXtreme 15" Chinese, so I had called in, and said, yo, wtf, where is my cymbal? They said they hadn't gotten the thingy for that deal, but would do it and take my word for it. It finally got here just yesterday (Wednesday)...
  16. phoenix7289

    {phoenix7289} I moved stuff around and got some neato stuff!

    Yah, the word is there, but I can't remember it, the term for stuff other than cymbals, and drums basically.. like cowbells, jamblocks, etc etc, I forget the word for exotic sounding ones.. experimental etc. So here you go anyways.... New stuff was: Small Latin Percussion Tapon Model Cowbell...
  17. phoenix7289

    {phoenix7289} Totally new set, and crash, so new pics!!!

    Yes, a Paiste Sig. Dark Energy Mark 1 18" Crash. Yes, a Tama Superstar Fusion kit. Yes this is a beastly set now! ^_^ YAY!!!
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    ummm drum pics gallore went where???

  19. phoenix7289

    {phoenix7289} New drumset pics!!!

    Ok everyone, I haven't posted any pics since I got alot of new stuff lately. In the past couple months I got new hi hats, a new 14" crash, a new 18" crash, an additional bass drum, new drum heads for 5 out of now, 6 of my drums, and like new hardware... check it out!!! Specs: Drums: Tama...
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    What do YOU crash? Do some of your own! :P