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  1. The Alien Drummer

    SOLICITATION- Big Brothers and Big Sisters

    For members in the US- This year I am going to participate in the BOWL FOR KIDS’ SAKE campaign which will be benefiting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. Each participant is encouraged to raise $125.00. If you would like to donate all I need is your: Name: Address: Phone: Email...
  2. The Alien Drummer

    Cymbal Springs

    What are everyones thoughts about cymabl springs? Do they help/hurt the cymbals?? I started using them about 15 years ago and used them for about 5 years with no negative effects. I'm thinking about giving them a shot again. Thanks, Jeff
  3. The Alien Drummer

    Roland SPD-S

    Thanks for opening the Electronics page. My best electronics purchase has been the Roland SPD-S. It has some built in sounds but gives me the ability to sample whatever (kick, snare, tom, etc) sound that I want to. It has 9 pads and an input for two triggers. I also have an old Yamaha PTX8...
  4. The Alien Drummer

    DW Neil Peart Kit

    Didn't know how many of you knew about this kit. $30,000 US will take one home from your local Guitar Center. Includes EVERYTHING, Drums, Cymbals, Pedals, etc.
  5. The Alien Drummer

    To trigger or not to trigger, that is the question.

    I've been playing semi professionally for 20 years and have gone through different phases of triggering. Starting with my old Yamaha PTX-8 in the 80's and now with my Roland SPD-S. I'm currently using ddrum red shot triggers on the kick and snare. My frustration is trying to get a balance of...
  6. The Alien Drummer

    Help a drummer out!!!

    I've entered my drumset in a contest and hoping you'll vote for it. Thanks for taking the time to vote!! The link is: ... &getkey=88
  7. The Alien Drummer

    Idiut Box- Oklahoma

    J Just some guys playing and having fun.
  8. The Alien Drummer

    [The Alien Drummer] - Mapex Pro M Rock

    Just added a Pearl Icon curved rack, Saluda 16" dark mist this weekend, I'll post some pics of it when we play next. Also swapped a 18" Paiste signature full crash for a 18" Sabian Paragon Crash. Live Kit: Mapex Pro M Rock 24 x 18 Bass 14 x 10 rack tom 16 x 16 floor tom 18 x 16 floor tom 8 x...