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  1. Alcyon

    easily convertible single - double pedal setup

    it's been a long time... none of you probably remember me but i still see some of the old characters around. dose, howepirate, zen drummer etc. anyway my band is heading on tour pretty soon and all the bands will be sharing a backline kit which has two bass drums. i've been planning to switch...
  2. Alcyon

    Programmable Click Track

    Hey all, It's been a while since I posted here, but my thrash metal band and I are heading into the studio in a few weeks to track songs for our first full-length. We're hoping to record to a click track for the first time in order to allow ourselves the ability to make easy edits and things...
  3. Alcyon

    Honey, I'm Ho-ome...

    God, it's been ages since I went on this board... Seems like ever since I pretty much collected all the gear I wanted I stopped posting and started playing :lol: I have to say though, first thing I did when I found the link again was look up all my old posts and remember all the characters on...
  4. Alcyon

    Pearl Snare Club?

    There was a 14x7" black Pearl maple snare with spiked tube lugs at the NAMM show, but it said it was a Snare Club exclusive... What is that?
  5. Alcyon


    So from my forays to PDF (Pearl Drummers Forum) it looks like there's a swamp of new stuff out... Sabian's got a brand new line of cymbals, APX, designed for metal and hard rock, apparently thinner and even more focused than AAX, I'm officially afraid of their volume level. Looks like they have...
  6. Alcyon

    Pork Pie Little Squealer; Need tuning/head help

    So I just picked up this gorgeous drum, has a crack like a .30-06, but the overtones are a beeyotch. One hit gives me a range of overtones that buzz in your ears and make recording painful. Originally I had considered buying an ST Dry to accentuate the drum's crack, but now I'm considering...
  7. Alcyon

    Would ANYONE buy this kit? Admittedly, this is a gorgeous kit, and it probably sounds amazing. But even in the studio with the best microphones on the market, would this kit sound $12,000 better than a custom Keller shell kit? Would it be anywhere near worth it?[/img]
  8. Alcyon

    Pearl Symphonic Snare?!

    :? what the heck is that strainer for? has anyone played one of these snares? sure pretty with those tube lugs and single flange hoops.
  9. Alcyon

    12x5" Snare Projection?

    I'm looking at a Pork Pie Little Squealer, the 12x5", for only $215 Canadian, and it sounded awesome in the store, I'm going to buy it and try it out for the warranty period... But has anyone used it in a stage setting? I don't usually have a miked snare (we play small gigs, usually the kit...
  10. Alcyon

    Anyone Else Hate Mapex Finishes?

    I'd buy an M-Birch Power Rock 24 in an INSTANT if they had black. Just black. It's not even a colour, just a shade! Please! Mapex! Get some basic finishes! Anyone else agree?
  11. Alcyon

    Comments on Positioning?

    this is a kind of cool picture that someone took of me playing last week, i'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on my seat height or something like that to help me play better. now that i look it seems like my snare is really really low and so are my cymbals.
  12. Alcyon

    Anyone Played These Snares?

    Well, paycheques are coming in, and I've got almost all the cymbals I want (not counting an Ice Bell, Chopper, maybe a 18" crash, blah blah) and I think, since I've been playing mostly backline kits, that it's time to invest in a new snare. The ones I've been looking at are: Premier Modern...
  13. Alcyon

    Five-Piece Pearl Export... I know, I know, but it's my baby

    I apologize for the bad cameraphone pictures, it was a heat of the moment thing, and my kit isn't at my house (bassist's house) right now. I really love the new setup, I just bought a new gibraltar clamp so I can swing the 12" tom from the left cymbal stand, letting me keep my ride tight in on...
  14. Alcyon

    EX --> ECX?

    I have an Export kit right now, and this beautiful Export Custom kit just came in at Long and McQuade... Kind of a satin brown, you can see the grain... Lovely... and it comes in a one up-two down setup that's just awesome. Tell me, is it worth it to go from a cheap poplar export to an all...
  15. Alcyon

    Ludwig Kit on craigslist, 1970s? These drums are going for $900 CA for a shell pack with five toms and a 24" kick. Good deal? Are they actually from 1970? Does anyone know?
  16. Alcyon

    Taping the Bottom of Cymbals?

    Who does this? I see a lot of people, particularly post-hardcore guys like Jesse Ingelevics and so forth, putting black tape in squares underneath their cymbals. Why would you do that? Does it make them less washy? Many people in the genre I play kind of ride their crashes or use their crashes...
  17. Alcyon

    24" and 26" Double Kick?

    I'm considering getting a PDP MXR with a 24" kick, and I play a lot of double pedal, and I was wondering if there are rebound issues with bigger kick drums... More air going, etc. Does it lag pedals?
  18. Alcyon

    What's the point of effects snares?

    I've always thought having a little 10" popcorn snare would be cool, but I have no idea what I would use it for. What do you guys use yours for?
  19. Alcyon

    Fragility of Electronic Kits

    My neighbour was going to lend me his electronic kit during the summer so I don't drive my other neighbours mad with my acoustic kit. However his mom told us that he was worried that since I'm a hard hitter I'd wreck the kit, so I'd have to be careful. It was one thing that I was a little hurt...
  20. Alcyon

    Looking for a 4-5 Piece with a 24" Kick

    Can anyone recommend a good 4-5 piece kit (one up, one/two down style) with a 24" kick? I've been looking for a cool one for a while, haven't found any really nice ones that don't come from a custom drum shop. I'm looking in the $1500 and down price range.