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    24" bass drum question

    Bought my first 24" kick. It's 18 x 24. 8 ply New England Rock Maple. Came with aquarrian Super Kick Batter and resonate. Trying to get a full open and boomy sound and I'm close but when I stroke hard it deads the boom quite a bit. I'm still working on it and any advice would be...
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    Was gonna do this post Monday but, been busy. Me, I liked it. I was surprised when so many trashed it. I think Zack Starskey (sp) does a great job. I've seen him, Simon Phillips and Rogers play the drums for The Who over the last 25 years. Never Moon. I would have been a baby. I like...
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    Who practiced today??

    Ok, I mean, this week or whatever. Place is a bit slow to expect dailly comments. Me? though I had some hot stick time today? Did not have a real session. Weds. are hard. Glad I got what I did. I have been pushing hard though. Getting as much as possible.
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    Evans Black coated....

    Budy of mine got them. He put ambasador coated on the bottom. Made his inexspensive kit sound great. Not quite as live as the emperors that they were modeled after.
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    WAZ UP

    hey, been out for a "minute" as you youngsters say. Hope you all are well. been working hard on a disc. Outcome unknown at this time. I'm not a fan of the recording process. This is not my first rodeo and my opinion is unchanged. "Great track lest's get another one" sound familiar? Hope...
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    Re-boot stay @ home VS. Gigger

    Kinda got of on a tangent me thinks. Lets look at it from the pros and cons. Face it, sometimes it is not possible to gig. To young, new family, work or service commitment and on. From the perspective of a person who is gigging and involved in multiple creative projects that sometimes, I...
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    New band GIG update

    Well a couple weeks ago my new band and I went out on the town. Some of you may recall that it has been awhile for me. I thought I'd let you know how the first gigs went. 1. Ms. T's... Good first gig...Sat in with other band, mistake. Small audience. Played well. Perfect for first gig...
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    Going out for the first time in over a decade

    11 days till my band starts playing out. I've done some one nighters and some open stages but this is the first band I've gone out with since I was 25 and I'm now 39. I'm a little nervous to be honest. Our first show is a 10pm slot on Sat. the 21st. Then we got a new music showcase on Tues...
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    Hey, Just picked up a DW 9000 2 leg HH stand for $95. Yummy Yummy. Could not let that deal pass. Good pickins @ the pawn shop these days. Time to get the old lady that Rolex. Not.
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    RIP Belson

    I hope I spelled his name right. Louie belson. can you say Double kick. One of the great big band era drummers and more.
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    Check out my new project

    Hey all, here is a little sumthin from my new thing. Little sloppy to begin but then we reign the bitch in and take her for a ride. Not really a song though we have several, just a begining of rehearsal warm-up jam. I through down a little half time shuffle a-la Rosanna/Fool in the rain and...
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    Beltsville Maryland Anyone??

    Hey all. Looking @ some drums in MD. The dude has them on ebay but he wants pick up only. I'll make it worth your time. Anyone???
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    Awesome Jam

    Hey all. Sorry I've been absent. Man it's tough out there. Back to music. My band is stalled so I've been looking at some new situations. You all know, no matter how long you been at it, when you go out there and just throw down for the first time with some musicians it can be pretty tense...
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    Great night for NCAA Football

    CU VS WV 17/13 Buffs. Took my 69 year old Mom. She went attended WVU like eons ago. WE STOOD UP FOR LIKE 80% OF IT. I'm to old for this crap. It was packed and fun. Nothing like the energy of a NCAA game.
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    New Metalica single

    Heard it today. Not great me thinks. It might grow on me.
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    Listen to me play

    Hey all. My band and I have posted two araingments on myspace. They are not really songs as we are shopping for a vocalist and they are without lyrics. They are brand new and represent the direction we are currently going. Help a brother out and try to listen to a bit of each tune. It'd be...
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    MY space comming soon

    Sorry no solo action. My band is recordin though. Week or two for the first track. I had to lay down the drum track in two takes without time to work out the beginning and end. The other guys have their whole life to make their stuff right. This is Radio Rock so don't expect to be blown...
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    Major set up changes after years of playing

    Hey everyone. I have had 4,5,6,7,8 piece set ups in my years playin but, I standardized my core set up about 20 years ago. I mean how my body relates to the snare bass and HH in that order. I added the double pedal here and there may be 17 years ago but never got serious about it so , never...
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    Took their show in at The BlueBird Theater in Denver Last night. I was not impressed. The drummer did do a great job. Vocalist was what I least liked. I left after about 30 minutes. waste of $30.
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    Caught a DML members show last night

    FATHER TIME's band played a show at a Denver club last night. I heard their disk so I knew they were good. Killer tight Ragae/Rock band. FATHER TIME kills it on the drums. Great sound. He plays a 9x14 brass snare(correct me if I'm wrong FT I did have a few or so cocktails). That thing cuts...