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  1. Timekeep69

    FS: Saluda Cymbals

    Selling off some of my Saludas. 10" Mist Splash - 40.00 13" Mist X Hats - 130.00 (these are pretty much brand new) 13" Mist Hats - 120.00 19" Mist Full Crash - 100.00 18" Mist Power Crash - 90.00 17" Mist Full Crash - 70.00 All prices plus shipping.
  2. Timekeep69

    Drum Product Review Blog

    Since I have completed my delve into the world of blogging, I wanted to start a new thread for review updates. I will now only update this thread. New one's up!
  3. Timekeep69

    Medicine Man Custom Drums Black Friday Special

    30% off all snare drums plus free shipping! Sorry, you cannot combine the regular 20% off for board members. PM here or email
  4. Timekeep69

    Medicine Man Custom Snare on ebay

    This is not my auction but I did build this snare are few years ago. ... 3f01d21a3e
  5. Timekeep69

    Next Great Drummer contest snare

    This is a snare drum I built that will be given to the winner of The Next Great Drummer contest being held July 11 at Knott's Berry Farm. It's a 5x14 10 ply maple shell with Raspberry holographic glitter wrap.
  6. Timekeep69


    Here it is folks! A brand spankin new snare drum! 4x14 10 ply maple (edit) Black satin laqcuer Brass Hardware Brass Tube Lugs $200.00
  7. Timekeep69

    Keep your eyes peeled on Christmas Day

    I'm going to be running a Christmas Day sale on ONE snare drum here on DML. It will be a very good price. Here's how it works, I will post a thread showing the drum and the cost. The first person who replies gets to buy it. Please do not post if you have no interest in buying the drum.
  8. Timekeep69

    Should SGarrett be unbanned?

    I want a consensus of the board members to see if SGarrett should be unbanned. Please vote.
  9. Timekeep69

    What/when was your first gig?

    1986 -in front of a music store during a "sidewalk sale."
  10. Timekeep69

    Your drum set Progression

    List the drums sets from your first to current. 1. CB700 International 2. Ludwig Rocker 3. Pearl Export 4. Remo Master Touch 5. Medicine Man Custom Drums
  11. Timekeep69

    What is the first song you learned on the drums?

    I'll start. Balls to the Wall - Accept.
  12. Timekeep69

    Bass Drum I just finished.

    This is a 14x20 bass drum I just finished. It's a 14x20 Vintage maple keller shell with reinforcement rings. I stained it to match his Gretsch drum kit. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! :mrgreen: This is the color I matched it to.
  13. Timekeep69

    Recent Vintage refurb

    This is a vintage/old kit that came my way. It's mostly various era(30's, 60's & 70's) Ludwigs with a 40's era Radio King tom.
  14. Timekeep69

    Sabian Cymbals for sale

    16" Sabian AAX Metal Crash - $95.00 14" AA Regular Hats - $125.00 17" AA Rock Crash - 100.00 18" AA China - $120.00 20" AA China - $150.00
  15. Timekeep69

    Medicine Man Octobans

    Bad financial times are forcing me to sell my Medicine Man octobans. These are the 4 lower range octobans, 6x17 6x17.5 6x20.5 6x23 Clear acrylic. Tama stand included. $350 + shipping. They are the ones pictured.
  16. Timekeep69

    Farrah Fawcett not to be eclipsed by MJ

    Farrah Fawcett was an icon. RIP.
  17. Timekeep69

    Medicine Man Drums in action

    This is one of Dana's kits.
  18. Timekeep69

    Medicine Man Hybrid snare just finished

    Heres a 12x7 hybrid snare drum I just finished.
  19. Timekeep69

    Timekeep69's drum dungeon

    I though I'd show some pics of my drum/man room. Here are some pics.... This is my "I love me" wall Head autographed by the late great Randy Castillo (yeah, he misspelled my name) Head autographed by my friend Stet Howland who was the drummer for WASP for 10 years and is now the...
  20. Timekeep69


    Let us show restraint with it but use it where it is needed! Thank you Maver!