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  1. skitch

    Charts section

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the links to the charts are now on my updated website: When you get there click on the "Welcome" tab, the click on the "Charts" tab and chart titles are right there for your ease of finding. The country section isn't done as it took...
  2. skitch

    Drum instructional DVD for iTunes, iPhone and video iPod

    Just a new addition to my product line-up is an instructional DVD for iTunes, iPhones and video iPods. Available at the cost is $1.99 and it comes with a free coresponding book. Being a download means that you can buy it from anywhere in the world and it will be...
  3. skitch

    Newly aquired cymbals on ebay

    Hello all! I have some more equipment up for sale on Ebay - mostly cymbals. Currently, I only have a 16" Zildjian A Custom crash in excellent condition but there will be more to come very soon. 3/4/08 And I have added a very good A series 10" Splash with logos intact, an 18" Z custom Rock...
  4. skitch

    More gear up fpr auction on Ebay

    I have more parts and cymbals, along with a few magazines for sale on Ebay which may be of some help to you. My Ebay seller id is Lawrence_Jamison
  5. skitch

    Drumming DVDs

    Hey, What drumming DVDs are we all watching right now? What makes the DVD you are into valuable to you?
  6. skitch

    Trick Throw-off

    I have been using my Ludwig Acrolite with the Trick throw-off and butt kits lately, and the other night on gig, I was thinking how great that snare sounded. If you are thinking of one of these, you should really investigate it because they are incredibly smooth and the way that they tension the...
  7. skitch

    Remo Falam slam patch

    Is anyone having problems with these making the beater bounce off the head - i.e. producing a buzzing sound?
  8. skitch

    For sale on Ebay

    Hi everyone! i just wanted to let everyone here know that I am auctioning off a bunch of gear which I inherited - some vintage stuff and just plain cool stuff (like store display banners) why you cannot just go out and buy! My user id on Ebay is Lawrence_jamison.
  9. skitch

    An absurd story

    Okay, here is a funny story that I heard today that I would like to share and maybe it isn’t funny except that it goes to show how you can have a great product but complete idiots in the wrong position. Luckily, this didn’t wipe out the Gretsch Drum Company. Once upon a time in the mid...
  10. skitch

    Thank you DW

    I know that there has been quite a debate regarding DW drums on this forum. However, I recently had to send one of my DW drums back to the factory for a warranty issue. DW sent me a new drum - no charge - since it was under warranty! So a big "Thank You" goes out to the people at Drum...
  11. skitch

    Have you oiled your pedals lately?

    Just a friendly reminder to oil those pedals and the driveshaft on your double pedal, if you use one! This prolongs the life of your pedals. Be sure to use a lightweight machine oil, such as sewing machine oil, and not a solvent like WD-40.
  12. skitch

    Looking for 1979 or 1980 Ludwigs

    I am looking for some BLue/Olive badge Ludwigs from around the 1979 or 1980 era. What do I need to look for ?
  13. skitch

    NAMM show 2008

    Hey, I just heard that Atmerrill, Jimmy Ford and Randy Caputo are gonna have a Louie Bellson vs Buddy Rich vs Gene Krupa drum battle! I can't wait!!!
  14. skitch

    Swish Knocker - FYI

    Here is yet another example of the misuse of terminology due to either lack of knowledge or blatan disregard for the fact in order to deceptively gain more money: THis cymbal is not a vintage...
  15. skitch

    DW at Best Buy

    I just heard a rumor that DW is going to start selling drums at Best Buy. Has anyone else heard of this?
  16. skitch

    Ahead Black on Brass Snare drum

    I have been contemplating buying one of these (6x14) black on brass snare drums, with the Trick throw-off. Anyone played one or own one?
  17. skitch

    Craviotto drum sets

    Has anyone played one of these?
  18. skitch

    Pork Pie versus DW throne top

    I have to wonder how DW manages to keep selling drum thrones. I just bought a top from Pork Pie and my butt hads cease to hurt like it did wiith the DW top!
  19. skitch

    Solid Shell/Craviotto snare owners?

    Anyone out there play a solid shell/Craviotto snare?
  20. skitch

    The most innovative cymbal company.....

    Who do you feel is leading the way in making more choices for cymbals? I am Zildjian player myself but I like the direction Sabian is headed as they seem to be offering more choices in cymbal sounds. Mike