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    Who do i have to kill to get rid of??

    The Damn buzzing hornet POPup?????? my god that is the most annoying thing i have ever seen...
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    New music that doesn't just appeal to Teenagers

    Now before all you young whipper snappers get your panties in a bunch ,nothing wrong with Teenagers hell i was one once... this thread is for discussing Old School Music or New Music by Old school musicians or new talent that no one has heard of before is NOT for discussing TOOL,Staind, or...
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    My Rogers Fullerton Kit 1970

    this one is my home kit all original i do not use the hardware,or pedals i still use Ludwig speed kings,Dynasonic in forground.. 14x20 2 8x10 1 9x13 1 16x16 1 16x18 1 Snare 5x14 Hihats 15 inch newbeats 1967 crash 19inch Dark K zildjian 18inch sizzle k Zildjian 18 crash ride zildjian...