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    Need quick replys please!

    Im looking into a ebay auction for one of these My band is recording this weekend and the guy who we are recording with, is going to add a bunch of sounds and such, and id like to know if i bought that pad, if i could store the samples that the guy...
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    Need some replies fast!

    I know this is in the wrong section, and this will probably get moved but i need some help fast! Im looking at a few ebay auctions for some Mixers and i need to know the difference in a "powered" mixer such as a BEHRINGER XENYX 1202 FX ... 286.c0.m14...
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    Just ordered 14 medium diamond hats and a 22 inch medium diamond ride :D
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    Saluda cymbal closest to Meinl Byzance cymbals?

    any certain saluda series?
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    Why so cheap??

    saluda cymbals
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    Refinishing a kit.

    So i have a PDP FS series set and its a red satin finish. ... leset1.jpg So i want to sand it down and stain it with a walnut stain in this design. ... ms-2-1.jpg The white part would be the non stained areas. I...
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    Any info on this kit?

    Its in the background the whole time. Can anyone tell me sizes?
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    My Kit

    Heres my kit. I posted it about a year ago when i purchased it, but i had no cymbals, and no decent heads. Drums: Pdp FS Series (Cherry Satin) 10 x 8 Rack Tom (Not used at the moment) 12 x 9 Rack Tom 14 x 12 Floor Tom 22 x 18 Bass Drum Snares: 14 x 5 Mapex Snare (Wrap removed and stained...
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    I cracked a cymbal for the first time

    what a horrible feeling :/
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    Dw 7000

    My right pedals spring broke, and i tried to replace it with the spring from my old pdp single pedal, but it was too small. And now im missing the little screw that goes underneath, that holds the right beater from sliding from left to right. And i have tryout for a band tommorow, and they want...
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    Best head for a snare drum for a heavy hitter

    Best suggestions?
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    Aquarian super kick II

    Im in love. My birch bass sounds amazing!
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    Thomas Lang signature vic firths

    Any reviews, opinions?
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    spray painting a reso head

    Would it affect my bass drums sound at all? i want to spray it white, just until i can purchase a white reso
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    Refinishing a satin stained kit

    So i have a PDP FS series kit, with a cherry satin stain. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> If i...
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    Staining a snare

    Its just a basic mapex snare, probably really cheap. When i bought my set, the guy at the music shop threw it in for my "shell pack". Im in the process of sanding it now. and hopfully staining it tommorow. Ill have pics when im done :D <a...
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    wear on a kit

    Ive had my kit for almost a year, i got it for my birthday last november. It never got any serious use until about 4 months ago. Ive recently noticed the wear its getting, just like minor dents, scratches, etc. and i know that its gunna happen but it just sucks i guess, and it doesnt help that...
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    this sucks

    I had my set over at a friends house for about two weeks, im there almost everyday, so i got to play it almost everyday, but a few days agoi brought it back home and noticed that two of the screw things that screw into the lugs(please give me the real name) were missing on my 14" floor tom...
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    Mixer help

    So i guess i have kinda figured out how it works 1.Drum mics 2.Mic cables go into into mixer 3.Everything goes through the mixer into your computer so if i were to get this ... sku=630166 is it bad that its "usb"? Like its that cheap or something? And...
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    Guitar center experience

    Ive seen alot of people talk down a bit on the manner of employees, mostly how they try to sell you this and that and everything else. But i went to guitar center the other day for the first time in atlanta georgia. I live about 4 hours from atlanta and the nearest GC is still 2 hours away from...