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  1. Manny

    Thomas Pridgen

    I know he has been discussed before, but what the hell! This guy has some rediculous ability. I've been listening to Rewind That by Christian Scott recently and damn does he have some musicality. I'm sure a lot of folks are drooling over his work with the Mars Volta but i strongly suggest...
  2. Manny

    Yamaha PHX

    Has anyone jammed on this kit yet? The local stores never have one in stock. I'm sure it sounds amazing but I'd like to hear some reviews from you guys. ... TID=568160
  3. Manny

    Yamaha SC

    pictured here Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau 8" tom(Evans g2) 10" tom(Evans ec2) 16" Floor tom(Evans ec2) 14" Snare (replacing this soon, just dont know what i want yet) 22" Kick(Evans eMad) 14" A Mastersound Hats 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash 20" K Custom Dark Ride 16" A Fast Crash(Lowered onto ride...
  4. Manny

    A Night in Tunisia ... re=related The audio isnt the best quality but check it out. let me know what you think.
  5. Manny

    Sizzlin' cyms

    I've been wanting to use a sizzle ride for a latin jazz group i play with. I could have used a ball chain attached to the felt but i didnt feel like having that thing bouncing around during a gig. I knew for sure that i was not gonna drill holes into my 20" K custom Dark. Recently i saw a video...
  6. Manny

    14" A Mastersound Hats trouble

    Not too long ago i decided to pick up some mastersound hats. I loved the way they sounded at guitar center. They had a really nice wash with some decent definition. when i got home i thought that they sounded a bit different. The definition seemed to be lost a bit and i'm getting this overtone...
  7. Manny

    DW Go Anywhere Practice Set

    Anyone have any words on this particular product? I'm gonna be moving to nyc soon and I think it's safe to assume that ill need a quieter tool for practice rather than my acoustic kit. I was lookin at this dw go anywhere set and it seems like a winner. I'm not expecting the response from the...
  8. Manny

    Drum Rugs

    Hey guys, any suggestions on a good drum rug? The floor rug that i've been using has seen better days.
  9. Manny

    Slingerland's for sale

    I am thinking about selling a couple radio king drums. I am wondering how much i should be asking for them?
  10. Manny

    new setup for my yamaha SC

    Pictured Here 22x17 Bass drum 10x8 Mounted Tom 16x16 Floor Tom 14x5 Slingerland Radio King Maple Snare 14" A Mastersound Hats 16" A Fast Crash 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash 20" K Custom Dark Ride Evans ec2 & emad head
  11. Manny

    Poogie Bell

    Absolutely brilliant work. Anyone else agree?
  12. Manny

    fill creativity

    I know we all hit those plateaus where new ideas are few and far between. What do you guys do to get beyond those mental blocks into new territory? I can play basically any rudiment i want. But when it comes to thinking of way to work them in on the set, that's a totally different story. Because...
  13. Manny

    Replacing plastic Nouveau lugs with metal ones

    Is it possible to replace the polycarbonate nouveau lugs with the more durable metal version?[/b]
  14. Manny

    My Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau

    Heres a few pics of my most recently purchased kit. Missin some cymbals though. Lemme know what you think =).