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  1. possumofdestruction

    Mike's Mad Mondays - the final week of February!

    Damn, I need some money!
  2. possumofdestruction


    i just recorded 8 songs in a day. one take on all songs except two. im happy!
  3. possumofdestruction

    Quitting smoking sucks

    im on the patch and it's been like two weeks. i fear for others safety.
  4. possumofdestruction

    If you could have one piece of signature gear...?

    What would it be? Mine be some 18 inch sticks. With a big fat round tip. With hardly any taper. They would be called Mjolnir. Thats the name of Thor's hammer for those who don't know. :D
  5. possumofdestruction

    oh god, heres a gem from the past.

    this is a video from one of my old bands playin crazy train. the beginning is the end of an original song. skip to the 3 min mark to hear crazy train. AND BEFORE ANYONE SAYS ANYTHING, i know the green guitar is out of tune.
  6. possumofdestruction

    Does anybody here like the Sword?

    they are one of my all time fav bands. they are so heavy and so epic. and theyre drummer Trivett Wingo is the main reason i took off the double pedal. he makes a 4 piece sound like an orchestra of drummers. and his ride cymbal is so brutal. anybody else like him or the Sword? heres my favorite...
  7. possumofdestruction

    New Kit Setup

    I like it. It's cozy...:D
  8. possumofdestruction

    zildjian z3s?

    does anybody know whats up with these. i can't find anything online about them even on their own site. DRUM! magazine just reviewed them. i want to know! are they replacing z customs or just adding on?
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    yes i know this is bad quality, but it's all ive got. this was a while ago too, so i've gotten a little better. criticism is appreciated, but be nice if you can.
  10. possumofdestruction

    headphone help

    can you guys throw me some advice on some headphones to play along to an ipod with, all i have is earbuds and they suck. i want to block the drums so i dont have to turn the music up very high...but not enought to where i can't hear them.
  11. possumofdestruction

    1679 Searches

    great job....
  12. possumofdestruction

    WTF?! Pitch Black?!

    so I've seen these pitch black cymbals lately, made by zildjian. At first I thought they were a gimmick for little kids, but they actually are pretty expensive, but they're just like zxt's right? anyways, regardless, they sound horrible and if zildjian was gonna coat cymbals why not coat a good...
  13. possumofdestruction

    Question about some terms i've heard used.

    I have a rough idea but what does ostinato and linear mean? I've heard the latter used when discussing fills and I think ostinato has something to do with limb independence solos? I feel dumb not knowing this as I've been playing for 3 years...
  14. possumofdestruction

    So I finally took pics with a real f***ing camera!

    Pulse 4 piece bass wood crapkit... 18 sabain b8 pro medium crash 19 zildjian z custom thrash ride 14 sabian b8 hi hats. 16 wuhan china pearl p120thing lefty double kick pedal gibraltar and pearl hardware. old ass pinstripe tom heads. stock kick head remo snare head (all heads being replaced...
  15. possumofdestruction

    I have a question about getting head(s)...sry couldnt resist

    i have a shitty basswood pulse kit. im not in the market for new drums but i am getting new heads. for the toms i thinking of pinstripe batters and ambassador resos. i play heavier music if that makes a difference. for the kick i was thinking emad 2 and a ebony ported reso. i do play double kick...
  16. possumofdestruction

    Sick custom drum creation!

    this guy lives in my area and plays in a Queensrhyche cover band and a bunch of other bands too, but he made this rack system in his garage. just him and his dad welding it. it's so sick!
  17. possumofdestruction

    Can any of you answer this?!

    Why does meg white get so much sit for being a simplistic drummer, but phil rudd is praised like a god for it? as far as im concered theyre both doing the same meat and potatoes thing. am i wrong?
  18. possumofdestruction

    pedal spring question,peeps

    i have the low end pearl left sided double pedal, with single chain drive, and the spikes the keep it anchored to the ground are really short, so i took the springs off the spikes to make them longer, and i was wondering, what the hell are those springs there for?
  19. possumofdestruction

    i have joined the 4 piece club, and couldn't be happier!

    i love 4 piece! i have everything where i want it and i have less shit to cart around! front view drivers seat right pedal setup drivers seat left and before you jump to any conclusions, even though it may look like it, i'm not in a hardcore,emo, or anything core band, im in a death metal...
  20. possumofdestruction

    custom drums question!

    i've noticed lately that custom drums(especially truth and shine) are almost a trend in emo, hardcore, screamo etc. types of music. and most other mainstream things like metal, rock, pop, and hip hop, and jazz drummers, use mainstream companies like tama, pearl, mapex, etc. is there a reason...