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  1. BillRayDrums

    Kinda resurfacing here!

    Hi gang! Been a looooong time huh? There's been so many things going on lately and I wanted to share with you. For starters, is my site. In a nutshell.. I've been gigging with lately I'm now the web guy for I'll be at NAMM...
  2. BillRayDrums

    Hey gang

    How's things been? Again I apologize for being so far off the map....things is busy! Here's my latest project: I've been recording drum "performances" and posting them to a site called CC (Creative Commons) Mixter. People then record stuff over them and...
  3. BillRayDrums

    Some new stuff.....

    Heya gang it's summer again. Here's some current stuff I'm into right now
  4. BillRayDrums

    Hey all!! New project!

    So sorry I've been amiss. I got a new girlfriend of sorts and time just gets absorbed. :) Here's some new stuff!
  5. BillRayDrums

    Verizon Hates Mac Users

    I've been having problems with Verizon, Blackberry, PocketMac and the ability to sync my phone with my computer. Out of frustration I created a website I'd appreciate if anyone wants to register with the site, so that I can present them with a show of support.
  6. BillRayDrums

    My new business I want to make this worldwide. All you session whores....please PM me? We can ALL make some money.
  7. BillRayDrums

    Your new ringtone

    You can say "Hey my phone is beating"... My gift to you. A simple ringtone. Happy holidays. Check out what it ended up becoming... ... T-dog-days (Check out those results too....+ Darryl Williams is my...
  8. BillRayDrums

    My new signature sticks!

    Just got these in! They are 2B with purple ink, my son did the little "Yo" guy- I had bought him a quill & ink set and that was the first thing he printed with it. Needless to say, that has become my signature. A moment of extemporaneous brilliance from a then-7 year old. PS the "13612" is...
  9. BillRayDrums

    Put your bank on notice!! ... rican_jobs My bank stole $33 from me today. I hope this lets them know that it's NEVER ok to steal.
  10. BillRayDrums

    Drumheads are like chewing gum (sticky this should be)

    When you put them on, they are nice and cracky- kind of like biting into a new piece of gum.. As they break in, they give you the fullest flavor you can imagine, and the enjoyment is very pleasurable.. As they age, they lose the luster and start sounding (tasting) like garbage. Eventually there...
  11. BillRayDrums

    Please vote for this project of mine.....

    Over at "" ... T-dog-days These are drum tracks I recorded and sent the stuff to my friend in Santa Cruz, Ca. He composes this stuff and we are going to release an album. Go see it at
  12. BillRayDrums

    I'm on the Smithsonian Channel it seems....

    So I get in from my day today, turn on the 'Smith and major WTF.....there is ME, playing the drums solo from Montreux Jazz Fest!! Go check my site and there's a link to the trailer for the Series "Sound Revolution". I was completely floored. Thanks, Ike.
  13. BillRayDrums

    New Video!

    WOoHoo!! Bass solo!! Drum Solo!! Attack of the 50 year old freestyler! Little factoid- that Bassist (Rick Nash, or as I call him Nick Rash) used to go to school with Jimmy Herring!
  14. BillRayDrums

    WTF....Site improvements

    Hey Mr.Developers Can I make a suggestion? This board needs to be ported to a CMS (preferably Joomla) for a number of reasons. For one, an RSS feed would be HIGHLY desirable. Having the ability to allot "publisher rights" to certain individuals would be a great thing. I would write a column if...
  15. BillRayDrums

    Just got my NAMM badge

    Anyone else going? I'm there courtesy of Pro-Mark (Thanks Pro-Mark!)
  16. BillRayDrums

    My drum track experiment, and a lesson for you younger ones

    First off, I'm postingthis up top here because I have been dropping in on the Misc. board and it's a slow reply. So, here this will be. I've been getting creative with my playing, in order to reach a broader audience. One of the things I've been doing is going to the studio, having a sit-down...
  17. BillRayDrums

    More tracks still....This one is a cool one Dedicated to my current favorite thing lately....I love my Sector 9 Longboard!
  18. BillRayDrums

    And...YET ANOTHER TRACK....In 6/8

    This one's a fun one. Remember, this is live, no click, just me and my demented mind....truly a putrid place...
  19. BillRayDrums

    Another new Track......

    Don't expect Pyrotechnics.....this is very "Americana". Sven-Erik Seaholm- Vocals, Guitar Dave Ybarra- Bass Brooklyn Mack- Vocals, Guitar Me- well, you know.... It's all about "drawing thick lines" around the music for everyone else. I think I'm gonna do a "track of the week" thing, as I am...
  20. BillRayDrums

    You give someone a deal on a silver platter, what do they do

    They poop on it! Man I am so pissed off. I come up with a $2500 budget for a live recording, I get the live engineer for the band Chicago to come out and record the show, and what does the band say "Oh we want to shop around for a better deal". Are these people on crack?!? WTF? Sorry I just...