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  1. Alexander

    What is Your Height & Your Throne's Height While Playing

    This recent NAMM 2008 post begun by Atmerrill :idea: gave my OCD having as* the idea to ask this question of all of youse nice guys! :lol: Using a tape measure, my 2 Questions are: How tall are you without shoes? And How High (in inches) is the sitting surface of your drum throne from the...
  2. Alexander

    Sabian Cymbal History!

    :idea: I always thought this was an interesting bit of Sabian & Zildjian History for drummers to know. I was so much more inclined to make the switch to Sabian once I saw their close, family relation to Zildjian. Let's hear for it Zildjian family! :wink: Sabian History Sabian is one of...
  3. Alexander

    Evans Torque Drum Key, Anyone?

    I use an Evans Torque Drum Key to even the tension b4 each of our semi-weekly jam sessions. So I/we play about 6 hours a week. I also own & use an almighty DrumDial but only use that before recording, changing heads, & moving my set. DD is easy to use when dismounting your drums, which I...
  4. Alexander

    I Met Dave Weckl.

    Dynamics! Exactly! I just saw my #1 drumming idol, Dave Weckl, for the first time w/Brian Bromberg's Jazz All-Stars @ Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland last Tues nite, the 20th! He got the most audience applause by far & blew me/us away w/his dynamics & chops. I sat 5 feet away from his drums &...
  5. Alexander

    Hey! :idea:

    It just occurred to me that I could get many a drummer's (musicians!) opinion here. Our myspace page has the first 4 recorded & fleshed out/arranged tunes of over 110 improvised jams my brothers & I have created. If you have time, listen to the 4 original (vocalless for now) tracks on my...
  6. Alexander

    Worst band ever: COMPLETE (from Ft Wth. TX.)

    Subject: worst band ever: COMPLETE (from Ft Worth Texas) worst band ever: COMPLETE (from Ft Worth Texas) interview: "Hot as Hell" "Beautiful Sunrises" "Into...
  7. Alexander

    Double Bass Drum Batter Head Tension?

    So I own Roland Vdrums & a Gretsch & Sabian acoustic. If I had to pick one it'd be the Acoustic! It's way more musical & dynamic byfar. & the Roland is the ideal, quiet practice kit I could occasionally play Live for variety.:roll: I use the Drumdial to set my Emad batter & Emad resonant...
  8. Alexander

    ToneDrones of San Francisco. Critique my Drumming?

    Objectively Critique my Drumming if you would? Thanx! Our band is my 2 bros, me on drums, & our buddy on a 2nd guitar. Here's our new myspace page: :wink: ~ Alex.
  9. Alexander

    Hihat Cymbal Gap When Entirely @ Rest During Play?

    I'm wondering: How much space is between your Hihats when they're fully open? I've seen guys have 2 inches, 1 inch, half an inch & wonder what's optimal. :idea:
  10. Alexander

    Groove Juice!

    :idea: I used Promark's Groove Juice for the 1st time on all 10 of my Sabian HHX Evolution & my 6 Zildjian K & A cymbals. Most are exactly 1 year old as of today, the 22nd (I'm a rainman when it comes to dates & numbers). They look as good as new & are glistening Gold a-gain! :shock: Amazing...
  11. Alexander

    Nylon Strap or Chain Drive Pedal?

    Hey Gang. :o I bought a new DW 9002 double bass drum pedal with the double link chain on each pedal. Nylon straps were included per pedal inbox also. & I see my fave (technically great) players like Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang, Horacio Hernandez, Steve Gadd, etc. play with a Nylon strap. Tho'...
  12. Alexander

    Metronome MP3s for my iPod?

    Hey Gang! Happy New Year! I haven't posted in a while. & I just spent 30 mins. trying to find the Mp3 metronome files for my iPod i got from here many months ago. I can't find them anywhere. :( I have a new PC & need them for practice. & I don't remember the name of the fellow who posted...
  13. Alexander

    [Alexander] - Gretsch

    Here are my Roland Vdrums & new Gretsch & Sabian HHX Acoustic: I've also got 3 candid & lame videos here